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What is NFT (Non-Fungible Tags)? An Electronic Resume Format

Electronic Resume Format
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What exactly are Non-Fungible Tags? A non-fungible tag is a device of information stored in a block, also known as a ledger, which verifies that a particular digital item is unique and cannot be duplicated.

Basically, the ledger is divided into blocks that each holds a certain amount of non-fungibles such as information or photos. The system can hold up to 100 blocks. A user then creates a tag by encoding a key phrase or string into a data structure that stores the tag for future reference.

In order to add content to the ledger, the user must send a transaction from their computer to the network that interacts with the ledger.


What is NFT?

The process described above is what is NFT, or Non-Fungible Formatting.

What is an Electronic Resume Format

How does this help me create my professional resume?

Consider a situation where you have a client that wants to see your portfolio of art work, but they only have a copy of the physical item. If they were to attempt to send the file over an internet connection, the tag would prevent them from being able to save the file. It would most likely result in them having to send the physical item which could cost additional time and money. NFT solves this problem by storing the digital object digitally, allowing the user to upload the image as needed, rather than having to transfer the file all over again.


When should I use NFTs?

Any time you would like to create a paperless resume or another type of document that does not include a hardcopy version, you can do so by using an NFT. NFTs allow the use of images, video, digital sound, text, or combinations thereof.


Can I put my digital object as just a cover sheet for my resume?

Absolutely! In fact, you are encouraged to do so. Leaving your digital objects such as a blog post or business profile as the main resume will draw more attention to your other information, making it easier for your potential employer to see your entire qualifications and experience.


Do I need special software to format with a NFT?

Not at all! Most NFT formats look nothing like a typical word processing format. However, there are several software packages available on the internet that can convert the file you provide into the proper format. These software packages generally include all of the software necessary to format any type of digital object. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.


What is NFT?

A NFT is an acronym for National Forensic File and is an internationally accepted method of formatting a resume, CV, or application to include the most important pertinent data pertinent to an individual’s qualifications for a job.

NFT is widely accepted and used by employers, HR managers, investigators, and legal professionals. It is also accepted in certain industries including medicine, law enforcement, shipping, aerospace and aviation, the legal professions, private investigation, and the security industry.


What is NFT?

A NFT is used in conjunction with the standard format of what is a resume. By using a standard format, the employer is showing respect and follow-through for the applicant, who has submitted the digital object.

Using NFT to format resumes not only demonstrates respect for the person submitting the document. But also shows that the resume was created by someone with specialized knowledge in the field.


Why should you use NFT?

There are several reasons why you should consider NFT when designing and formatting your next resume. First, it will make the resume appear more professional than a blank resume, and it is easier to read.

Using NFT will make it easy to search for specific information pertinent to the job and will eliminate the possibility of overlooking relevant information.

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