What is Nuru Massage? Nuru Massage Oils?

Nuru Massage
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You may have heard of Nuru massage. You should. This term refers to the Japanese Nuru massage, which is a “body-on body” style of massage. We will discuss why Nuru massage is so great for couples and the special qualities that make it so unique.

Tantra and Lingam lovers will appreciate erotica massage. This is also true for Nuru massage which originated in Japan. Let’s first look at the theory behind Nuru massage. This unique massage involves Nuru massage of the whole body.

Nuru massage was once performed by specially-trained geishas. They provided Nuru massage to Japanese elites after a long day of work. “Nuru” means “very smooth” or “slippery” and is used in this full-body massage. Your goal is to have your partner slide over your body.


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Nuru Massage: How to Prepare

How does it all work? You can order Nuru massage Nuru Gel online. After a while, conventional lubricants can become sticky. Nuru gel is made from marine algae and remains slippery. It is easy to wash away, is tasteless, and odorless. It is therefore safe and versatile.

Nuru massage gel can cause sheets to become very wet so prepare for Nuru massage. Don’t worry about expensive bedding. Make your bed ahead of time with old sheets. You can also use a rubberized protector for your mattress or a rubber sheet. The Nuru massage could be a bit annoying due to the squeak. You can also slide easily on Nuru massage material. You will have a great time regardless of your choice.

You will want to snuggle up with your partner because Nuru massage gel cools you down. Nothing can kill Nuru massage mood like being cold. You can also heat Nuru massage Nuru gel beforehand in a warm water bath to increase its body temperature. This is completely safe and can feel great on your skin.


The Movements

Nuru massage is all about deepening our connection with one another. This is your guideline. Do what makes you happy. Apply Nuru massage gel to your naked skin first. This will instantly create heat between you. One person will lie on their back, while the other Nuru massages the entire body. This is known as Nuru massage “body slides”. Erogenous areas like the breasts or butt of Nuru are ideal for massaging.

Hint: It’s especially great if you can each hold onto a bedhead or bedpost to keep in the same place.

For those who have never tried a Nuru Massage, it is a great idea to lighten the mood by using humor. A Nuru massage will make you feel like oily tuna fish in a can. However, it is not unusual to feel oily sardines in the can.

What images spring to your mind when you hear the Nuru massage word “Nuru”? Relaxing spa day? A romantic afternoon spent with your partner. A confusing question: “What’s a Nuru Massage?”

We’ll show you what a Nuru massage is and what its benefits are. You can also decide if this massage trend should be avoided.


What Is Nuru Massage?

A Nuru massage, which can be described as an erotic massage, originated in Japan. A Nuru massage is a massage that uses the entire body of the masseuse to massage the client. This provides more contact with the body than a traditional massage. Why is “Nuru?” derived from the Japanese word for “slippery”. Nuru massage clients and Nuru masseuses are both covered in Nuru Massage Gel. It is colorless and odorless and made from natural Nori Seaweed.

Nuru massages are available on a table, a mattress, or an air mattress. These massages are also becoming more popular. According to a survey, 40% of London-based men said they had visited a Nuru massage therapist within the last six months. Nuru massages don’t only appeal to men. They are suitable for all genders and sexual orientations. Nuru massages are now available in the western world, as well as Japan.


What Are The Benefits?

A Nuru massage is a great way to spice up your love life. You can feel more at ease in your skin by being covered in gel and sliding against your partner. There are many other benefits to enhancing your physical connection. Nuru massages can improve emotional connections because they are intimate by their nature. Japanese culture considers Nuru massage Nuru massage to be a spiritual journey.

Nuru massages have a number of health benefits. Perhaps the most striking is that they are able to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. A London-based Nuru massage agency claimed that 83% of people who had tried a Nuru massage felt a significant increase in their overall well-being. Nuru massages can also be used to relax muscles and moisturize the skin. Nuru gel is the most moisturizing Nuru massage gel on the market. Nuru massages can help to release toxins depending on the body techniques used by your masseuse and how skilled he/she is a massage.


Should You Book A Nuru Massage?

Should you take the latest trend in massage and get on to it? It all depends on your needs. A Nuru masseuse may not be the right match for you if you are looking for a traditional massage to relieve tired muscles.

An erotic massage includes a Nuru massage. This massage originated in Japan. Nuru massage masseuses use oil to massage their entire bodies. Nuru massage clients provide more contact than traditional massage therapy.

Nuru massage word “Nuru” body-to-body massage steams from a Japanese term for slippery. Nuru massage clients and Nuru masseuses are both covered in Nuru massage oil and gel.

Nuru oil and massage gel are colorless, odorless, and made from natural nori seaweed.

Nuru massage Nuru is a full-body-to-body massage. The “giver”, or Nuru masseuse, applies the Nuru gel or lotion to both their bodies. Next, Nuru massage moves to a point when Nuru massage ‘receiver’ starts to glide their body parts and Nuru massage ‘givers” body to sensually massage them.

A commercial salon’s Nuru massage “giver”, is usually the Nuru masseuse dominant partner. However, in some situations and especially in private situations Nuru massage Nuru can be more flexible as Nuru roles can be reversed through mutual agreement. These roles can be changed or reversed at a mutually agreed time during Nuru therapy.

A woman massages you, often without your clothes, while you lie down. The Nuru gel, a special, natural substance that is applied to you both, allows this to happen. The masseuse then rubs her glowing body on yours, creating a sensation that is surprisingly stimulating. Each minute of massage is more thrilling.

A massage with Nuru gel is more sensual than one with essential oil. Nuru massage can be used to relax, relieve and take away the pressure. This will lead to a high level of satisfaction.

Two people can cooperate without clothes, and using a gel Nuru, which is extremely slippery, can create extreme excitement.

NURU, a Japanese word meaning “slippery”, is the name of the massage. A special gel is used to perform the Nuru massage. It is made from deep seaweed. It is extremely slippery and smooth, with no color and taste.



According to Wikipedia, Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique from Kawasaki, Japan. The technique requires one or more masseuses to rub their body against Nuru massage client’s body when both parties are nude and covered with an odorless and colorless massage lotion. The word originates from Nuru massage Japanese language and means “slippery/smooth”.


It’s an extremely erotic massage type that has its origins in Japan. This is not a traditional form of massage. The reason why this massage is sensual is because Nuru massage full body is used instead of only hands. Rather, Nuru massage masseuses use their entire body to massage a client.

The term ‘Nuru’ etymologically comes from Nuru massage Japanese word for ‘slippery’. So, why is it slippery? It is because of Nuru massage special oil which makes body surfaces extremely slippery. The oil is, in fact, rich in vitamins and minerals and is Nuru massage same that is used to prepare sushi.


Health Benefits

After making clear that Nuru massage is less like a traditional one and more like an erotic experience, it has several physical and mental health benefits of its own.

To begin with, it is extremely soothing and relaxing. In fact, a survey conducted at a London-based spa parlor claimed that more than 80% of its clients reported a significant boost in their mental and physical growth after receiving a massage.

Apart from that, Nuru massage oil is beneficial for Nuru massage skin. It moisturizes dry skin along with removing several toxins from Nuru massage body.

Another major benefit that such a massage comes with stems from Nuru massage fact that it is extremely sensual in nature due to Nuru massage fact that entire bodies come in contact. People have constantly used this technique to spice up their intimate lives and have reported largely positive results.



For your easy understanding see Nuru massage Nuru Massage videos on Youtube. I have posted Nuru massage links. Click, watch and enjoy.

How-To Perform a Nuru Massage

Nuru is a style of massage that originated in Japan. It is a sensual massage between partners using full body contact to relax Nuru massage the body and stimulate mutual sexual appetite. The massage is done with both partners fully nude, using a thick, ultra slippery massage.


Benefits Of Nuru Massage:

I’m sure that you need to know the key benefits of this massage. So, here is the list of benefits of Nuru massage:

1. Provides Pain Relief

The relief of tension in Nuru massage muscles helps to stimulate Nuru massage release of endorphins, Nuru massage body’s natural painkillers, reducing discomfort in an entirely natural way and increasing flexibility throughout Nuru massage body.


2. It Heightens Erotic Sensitivity

Sensual massage can increase libido, erotic sensitivity, and help with arousal issues.


3. It Promotes Recovery & Healing

Massage is proven to help reduce Nuru massage time it takes the Nuru massage body to recuperate from an injury or ill-health.


4. It Strengthens Nuru massage Immune System

By making you feel so much more relaxed and given Nuru massage a heightened sense of well-being, your susceptibility to illness is greatly reduced.


5. It Reduces Tension

Massage therapy provides a release of tension in the Nuru massage mind as well as Nuru massage body. In fact, scientific studies suggest that it can even alleviate symptoms of depression.


6. Blood Circulation

Exposing Nuru massage body to heated rooms such as steam rooms or saunas increases Nuru massage pulse rate by as much as 30 percent. This allows Nuru massage body to pump more blood throughout Nuru massage body to improve circulation overall. Experts believe that steam rooms with lower levels are capable of normalizing blood pressure to improve heart function.


7. Calm a Headache

Massage decreases cortisol, Nuru massage stress hormone that can tighten muscles, triggering a tension headache. Studies show that simple neck and shoulder massage reduced both Nuru massage number of chronic headaches people got and how long each one lasted. Weekly Trager massages decreased medication usage by 44 percent. Even those with hard-to-treat migraines can get relief from weekly craniosacral massages.


8. Relieve lower-back pain:

Massage prescription: Moderate massage can help relieve lower-back pain, says Dr. Field. For intense pain in a limited area, consider reflexology, a therapy in which specific points on Nuru massage foot are massaged, helping Nuru massage back. After three reflexology massages in one week, 63 percent of patients with herniated discs reported pain reduction, notes one study.


9. Increased flexibility

Massage stretches muscle tissue in a multidirectional manner, both longitudinally and laterally. It can also have a similar effect on Nuru massage muscular sheath and surrounding fascia, allowing a beneficial release of stored tension and pressure.


10. improves Posture

Massage Therapy improves posture, aligns muscular-skeletal structure, and alleviates everything from sore muscles to chronic muscular pain. With regular sports training, it is even more important for you to treat your muscles and body with respect. They work hard for you and it is crucial to help them recover using massage.

Nuru massage is an extremely erotic massage that has its origins in Japan. This is no way is a traditional form of massage done by one’s hands. Rather, Nuru massage masseuses use their entire body to massage a client. The term ‘nuru’ etymologically comes from Nuru massage Japanese word for ‘slippery’. So, why is it slippery? It is because of Nuru massage special oil that is used in this technique that makes body surfaces extremely slippery. The oil is, in fact, rich in vitamins and minerals and is Nuru massage same that is used to prepare sushis.


Further More Benefits of Nuru Massage:

It is a more erotic experience than a traditional massage and has many physical and mental health benefits. It is very relaxing and soothing. According to a London Nuru massage parlor, more than 80% of clients felt a significant increase in mental and physical health after receiving a massage. Nuru massage oil is also beneficial for the skin. It moisturizes dry skin and removes toxins from Nuru’s message body.

A major advantage of such a massage is Nuru massage. This is due to the fact that all parts of the body come into contact with it. This technique has been used by many people to spice up their intimate lives, and they have had overwhelmingly positive experiences.

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Benefits Of Learning New Skills

Learning new things has its own sets of perks which brings success and helps you become a better version of yourself. One gains a lot by learning new skills; sometimes it just hones Nuru massage previous skills, other times it introduces you to new colors of life. Some of Nuru massage benefits of learning new things and skills are given below :

#1. Connect To People

When you decide to take up something new, you get to know different people which helps you get a better idea of life because everyone holds a different opinion which is significant in its own way…

Curious about Nuru massage? You are not alone! Nuru massage is one of Nuru massage fastest-growing erotic massage trends.

As sex experts who focus on couples massage, we’ve been getting a ton of questions about how to give Nuru massages, so we put together this guide on what they are and how to enjoy giving and receiving them at home.


What is it?

It is a Japanese erotic massage tradition that originated in Kawasaki, Japan, though it is unclear how long this sensual technique has been practiced.

A Nuru massage is a full body-to-body erotic massage using a special, ultra-slippery gel made out of seaweed.

You can enjoy Nuru massage erotic pleasures of Nuru massage at home with your lover, but this is not an everyday activity — it takes a little bit of preparation and time. But if you want a sensual, erotic, romantic idea for a luxurious date night, you might want to try it.

If you are ready to experience Nuru massage pleasure of Nuru massage at home without all Nuru massage mess, read on!

Here are 8 easy tips on how to give a super sexy, erotic Nuru massage.

Tip #1: Forget Nuru massage seaweed.

An at-home Nuru kit can be purchased, but we recommend that you leave behind the Nuru seaweed powder and measuring cups. To experience full-body Nuru massage, you don’t have to use a costly gel.

We recommend that you use an all-natural oil. Coconut oil is a good option. Or almond oil. Coconut oil is solid at room temperatures but will quickly melt into a smooth, shiny oil that’s great for your skin!

Oil has enough glide to give Nuru massage pleasure without making it messy or squishy like Nuru gel.


Tip #2: Use a dedicated sheet!

Don’t ruin your good sheets with Nuru massage oil from your at-home Nuru massage. Buy a cheap sheet that you use exclusively for massage. A thick flannel sheet works well to hold extra oil. If you are going to use a ton of oil, put down a mattress protector first, then your flannel sheet on top of it and you’ll minimize any mess.


Tip #3: Use your whole body.

Nuru massage is all about your ability to glide your entire body along the skin of your partner. Nuru’s massage heart is this feeling of total body-to-body touch.

Begin with your lover’s forehead down, then glide your legs, stomach, and chest along their back. Your hands will support your weight while you glide and slide up and down their skin. You can glide up and down their bodies in long, circular motions and wave-like undulations.

Have fun! Do not take it too seriously. You should just do what makes you feel good. No matter what you do, we can guarantee that your lover will feel the Nuru massage sensation as your body glides along their skin.


Tip #4: Learn Massage Techniques.

You don’t need any special techniques to get a Nuru massage. Let’s face the facts: Skin contact is amazing by itself. Learn full-body couples massage techniques to take your massage to Nuru to the next level.

You can create a whole-body experience by adding a relaxing back massage or a deeply relaxing butt massage to your massage. This will allow you to relax more than just sliding and slipping. Combining Nuru massage two and a butt massage is the ultimate Nuru massage for a home massage that includes a full-body experience.


Tip #5: Flip your partner over.

Once you have enjoyed gliding up and down your lover’s back, invite them to flip over. This is where Nuru massage massage gets incredibly arousing!

Gently glide your body over their front side, gliding right over their most sensitive parts while maintaining as much full-body contact as you can. This will be a huge tease, and you’ll feel your lover’s arousal build. Again, pay special attention to dragging your nipples over their skin. They’ll love it!


Tip #6: After your body, use your hands.

After you have enjoyed gliding and sliding over your lover’s entire body, start touching their most sensitive parts with your hands. Keep them relaxed and transfixed under your touch as you start to use your hands to stimulate them and transition into making love. They’ll be spellbound under your touch, so enjoy lavishing them with pleasure!

Using your hands can be a great way to finish this massage if you don’t want to take a shower before using condoms — just pleasure your lover with your hands instead and finish your massage with a happy, slippery, sexy ending!

Also, remember that if another benefit of coconut or almond oil is that these oils are totally edible. So, feel free to use your mouth to pleasure your lover!


Tip #7: Take turns!

Nuru massage can be enjoyed by both men and women. A classic Nuru massage has one person relaxing and the other gliding over their bodies. However, it is possible to have fun and oil your whole body while you play and slide over each other.

Have fun! Sex should be enjoyable and playful.

Nuru massage, an erotic massage that has its roots in Japan, is now more popular in the Nuru massage Western world. What exactly is it? What is it? Is it your average spa day massage, or something more?

The nuru massage is very different from what you might expect from a massage, and may not appeal to everyone. Let’s talk more about this type of massage and discuss whether it is right for you, or if there are better options for relaxation.


What is it?

What makes this massage technique unique is that a masseuse uses his or her entire body to massage Nuru massage client. It is a massage that requires a lot of trust between therapist and client because of Nuru massage close proximity it involves. As any other massage, it is typically given on a massage table or bed, but there is something that really sets this message apart from others. Nuru comes from Nuru massage Japanese word for slippery. “Why?”, you may ask. This is because both Nuru massage masseuse and Nuru massage client are covered in a nuru massage gel. The gel itself is odorless, colorless and made from Nori Seaweed.

There has been a recent up-rise in popularity for Nuru massage nuru massage. A recent report showed that 40 percent of London men reported having had one from a therapist in Nuru massage last six months. However, it is important to note that these massages are not only for men. People of any sex, or sexual orientation can enjoy these massages.



For couples, this type of massage can be used to spice up their relationship. The experience of new sensations together and Nuru massage closeness of Nuru massage massage can help promote greater comfort with one another. The intimate nature of Nuru massage massage itself can help strengthen a relationships emotional connectedness. For Nuru massage Japanese, these massages is not just a massage, it is a spiritual experience.

Is Nuru massage Nuru Massage for you?

You might be better off looking elsewhere if you’re just looking for a traditional massage to relax your neck and shoulders. If you are uncomfortable with someone in total contact, it could be dangerous to put your trust in them.

Nuru massages can be intimate and enhance the relationship between you and your partner. Nuru massage is a great way to improve your confidence and health.

Nuru Massage is one the most popular Nuru massage centers in India. It offers a wide range of massage services, from dull back rubs and oil massages to exotic massage and erotic massages. Each massage service offers a unique combination of sensuality and calmness as well as therapy and relaxation. This massage releases the Nuru massage tautness in muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It also helps to relax your mind, body, and soul.

Air mattresses are used for traditional Nuru massages. Nuru’s body can then relax during the massage. A Nuru massage should not be performed on a table. It will not allow you to spread your body and relax your muscles. If the Nuru air mattress has a fabric finish, you will need to flip it so you can lay on Nuru vinyl and not Nuru fabric. This is advised because Nuru massage fabric can absorb Nuru Massage Nuru gel, which decreases Nuru’s effectiveness in Nuru massage therapy.

After you have settled down on the Nuru massage mattress, your masseuse will begin Nuru massage preparation of Nuru Massage Nuru solution. She will then massage your muscles. Nuru massage Spa in Delhi also uses a special gel to massage the Nuru body. This gel is called Nuru Massage Nuru gel. This gel is used in Nuru massage therapy. It is specifically prepared for this purpose. It is made of Nuru massage oils and deep-water seaweed. If you’re getting a traditional Nuru body massage, they will use a special Nuru solution for centuries.

The traditional Nuru gel, which is odorless and colorless, is made of Nuru massage nori seaweed. It is also combined with Nuru extracts from chamomile and aloe vera. This oil is also used in most Nuru Massages in Goa. It is flavorless and won’t stain clothes. Nuru massage uses Nuru oil because it is extremely slippery. A Nuru gel, unlike regular Nuru massage oils, gives you a pleasant and slippery sensation that will relax your senses. This Nuru massage gel has moisturizing properties that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

A bowl will be placed next to your mattress by the masseuse. The bowl will contain Nuru massage Nuru gel and warm water. Your head will be lifted with towels during Nuru massage. This will allow you to spread your body out comfortably and let you relax completely. Nuru massage bottles of Nuru gel are heated up to stimulate your skin when Nuru massage warm gel has been applied. You can ask your Nuru masseuse to set candles or music that soothes your mind.

Nuru massage gel is best used on wet skin. This will give your skin a pleasant, slippery sensation and deep moisturize it. Aloe vera gel is used by some Nuru masseuses. It has the same Nuru massage properties as aloe vera gel and can also make Nuru massage skin smoother and more youthful. Nuru body massages, like all tantric therapies, aim to relax Nuru massage body and mind as well as aid in emotional healing.


What is a Japanese Nuru Massage?

The ancient art of nuru massage originated in ancient Japan. Nuru is a Japanese term for slippery, referring to Nuru massage way Nuru massage masseuse uses body to the body techniques and spectacularly slides on her client. The whole experience is not only invigorating but possibly one of Nuru massage most sexually arousing of all tantric massages available, with many people preferring it to sex. In particular, Nuru massage masseuse uses their naked body to slip and slide Nuru massage client into a world of bliss and ultimately a very happy ending.


What is Nuru Gel?

Nuru gel is a special medium that is mixed with water to form a thick gel. The gel is an ancient mixture of natural ingredients, with Nuru massage main substance being ‘Nori’, an extract of seaweed that is found in very deep water on Japan’s coast. The Nuru oil also has other botanicals added to it including ingredients such as grapefruit extract, Aloe Vera gel and other herbs. Nuru gel has a unique slippery consistency and offers many beneficial effects on Nuru massage skin.


What Happens in a Nuru Massage and What are Some of Nuru massage Techniques?

Nuru massage is traditionally done on an air mattress or waterproof sheet on Nuru massage bed. The main concept of this type of Japanese erotic massage is to have Nuru massage masseuse use their nude body to slide you into arousal and ultimate muscular relaxation. To begin with, warm water is added to Nuru massage Nuru gel to create Nuru massage wonderfully slippery substance. When Nuru massage right temperature is reached Nuru massage masseuse applies it to her body in front of Nuru massage client which is a spectacular sight to watch.

Once Nuru massage masseuse is fully covered in Nuru massage gel, she proceeds to apply it to Nuru massage recipient. The masseuse, now begins to rub and slide her body against Nuru massage client. Using different body to body techniques, she will perform spectacular body slides which aims to relax Nuru massage body into a state of utter bliss.


How To Perform Nuru Massage

Nuru massage can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of whether they are single or married. Nuru massage is a relaxing and enjoyable practice that you can do in your own home.

These Nuru massage techniques will allow you to experience the full health benefits of Nuru massage. They provide a step-by-step approach as well as tips to ensure that you and your partner feel the arousing stimulation from Nuru massage mind, and body.

Let’s dive into our detailed Nuru massage guide. These Nuru massage techniques Nuru are great for relaxing with your partner.

Step 1: Prepare for your nuru massage

You may be tempted to skip this part and go straight to Nuru massage exciting bit. Trust me though, preparation is an essential part of any erotic massage.

To get Nuru massage most out of Nuru massage nuru experience, you need to ensure both you and your partner are comfortable.

You may wish to lie on a mattress like an air mattress. This type of mattress is Nuru massage perfect choice for nuru massage as both your bodies can slide around comfortably. Just make sure that you use a vinyl mattress if you wish to avoid stains from Nuru massage nuru gel.


Step 2: Nuru Gel Preperation

Before mixing your nuru gel, take some time to set Nuru massage ambience in Nuru massage room. If you’re in a relationship, you may want to create a romantic setting with candles, soft music and dimmed lights.

Even if you’re not in a relationship, these aspects can set Nuru massage tone for a sensual massage session. Having a steamy shower or bath can increase Nuru massage sensuality of Nuru massage experience.

Being wet also helps Nuru massage nuru gel to work better as you can slide along each other more freely and really explore every part of each other’s bodies.

The nuru gel is a thick, transparent gel which helps you and your partner to stimulate each other. Don’t worry, you don’t need to create this product yourself as you can purchase a ready made solution.

However, you’ll need to keep a bowl of water near your mattress to mix Nuru massage nuru solution into a gel consistency.


Step 3: Eye Contact

Eye contact is crucial for an intimate nuru experience. While nuru massage is all about sensual touching, communicating with each other helps to enhance Nuru massage pleasure. If you’re a couple hoping to improve your love life or relationship, communication and eye contact is key.


Step 4: Nuru Gel Application

Now you’re ready for Nuru massage start of nuru massage. Before using any nuru massage techniques, you need to apply your nuru gel. As Nuru massage masseuse, sit on Nuru massage back of your partner’s thighs. It’s important that your partner is lying on their front, feeling relaxed.

Slowly begin to apply Nuru massage nuru gel to their back and thighs and start to massage it into their skin, helping them to further unwind. You can increase Nuru massage pressure slightly so that both participants can take pleasure from this technique.


Step 5: Slide Your Body Up and Down

The next nuru massage technique is to slide your body up and down, focusing on sensitive areas to stimulate sensual feelings. Take your time gliding into Nuru massage lower back and buttock areas. Remember to enjoy each moment.


Step 6: Exert Extra Pressure

Now you can start to put a little extra pressure on your partner’s body. Start by gripping their thighs, gliding up and down onto Nuru massage back with your buttocks. You can use circular motions or simply move up and down depending on how you feel. The key is to make it pleasurable for your partner, and for you to enjoy Nuru massage sensations as well.


Step 7: Turn Onto Your Front

This is when things really start to heat up. Using your palms, rest your weight onto Nuru massage front of your body and slide over your partner’s bum. Once you’ve done this, hold your body steady and use your foot to gently massage your partner’s back. You can use alternative feet if you find yourself feeling unsteady.


Step 8: Erotic Stimulation

Nuru massage is a highly erotic massage so it’s only natural that this step is included in our nuru massage guide. Continuing from Nuru massage last step, put your hands around your partner’s ankles so you can glide up and down their body. Using the body to the body touch gives a burst of excitement, heightening those erogenous zones with arousal.


Step 9: Feet Flexing

Sit between your partner’s thighs and bring their feet up to your chest. Stretch Nuru massage muscles so that your partner can feel your breast area with his feet (you may need to sit forward slightly to do this). As an alternative, you can sit on one of your partner’s thighs, switching between them. Rest on your partners back and buttocks while switching positions to give some added va-va-voom to your massage.


Step 10: Lie On Your Partners Back

For this step, lie directly on your partners back, placing your arms around their waist. Rotate your body so it continually comes into contact with their buttock area. Slowly massage this area with your body to build up Nuru massage erotic energy between you. Use your hands to massage around his waist while moving your lower body.


Step 11: Visual Contact

If your partner wants to catch a glimpse of you in action, finish Nuru massage massage by sitting on their lower back. Gently glide over Nuru massage buttock area, using your feet to massage their upper back. You’ll need to balance yourself by placing your hands onto Nuru massage mattress. You may need to raise your body up slightly, so your full weight isn’t on your partners back. Use gentle sliding motions, up and down to make your partner tingle.


What are Nuru massage Health Benefits of Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage therapy can help you relax and relieve stress. You will feel relaxed from head to foot with the unique erotic experience of Nuru massage therapy. Nuru massage gel’s additives leave your skin soft and moisturized. Nuru anti-oxidants also help to nourish your skin. Nuru body sliding techniques can help release toxins and massage Nuru massaging body in ways that are not possible with other types of massage.

Here are the benefits to Nuru massage:

  • Fights Stress and Depression Through Mental Relaxation
  • Relaxing Nuru massage mind is undoubtedly Nuru massage pathway to mental wellbeing. Nuru sessions combat stress and promote clear mindedness after Nuru massage session.
  • Reduces Cellulite as Fatty Deposits are Spread Throughout Nuru massage Body
  • It has long been documented that kneading and rolling of Nuru massage body helps to break down fat cells and fight cellulite.
  • Helps Improve Your Circulation and Blood Flow
  • By stimulating Nuru massage body your masseuse will promote blood circulation around Nuru massage body.
  • Boosts Nuru massage Digestive and Immune Systems of your Body
  • By inducing rejuvenation of cells in Nuru massage body your immune system can be improved and your digestive processes restarted
  • Combats Premature Ejaculation in Males
  • The art of nuru massage incorporates tantric massage techniques bringing you to Nuru massage very edge of climax and back. This in turn helps your body to improve it sensitivity to ejaculation and combats premature climaxes.
  • Gives You a Very Pleasurable ‘Energy Release’ at Nuru massage End

The sensual pleasure of this erotic massage is not second to it’s health benefits. Enjoy a mind clearing energy release as you climax in bliss.

What is a Nuru Massage and Nuru massage Secret?

Nuru Massage Gel is an innovative and highly slippery product that has recently hit the international market. This gel is used in massage salons all over Nuru. Salon customers love it and return home happy.

This gel is now more well-known and appreciated by more people. What’s the reason? Nuru offers many features that make users feel happy.

Users of Nuru massage homes can also have fun with LGBT people, for example during a body-to-body massage. This gel is not intended for Nuru massage.

Nuru Gel can also be used as a lubricant during masturbation sessions, whether it is with one person or multiple. Nuru massage gels can also be used for Lingam Massage. “Nuru massage, also known as penis massage”

Nuru massage is a deep, intimate experience that allows you to forget all about the world around you.

Nuru Gel can be purchased in liquid or powder form. It is also easy to mix with hot water. Nuru massage powder in powder form is great for holiday travel. 5g Nuru powder can be used to make 500ml super-erotic Nuru Gel that is suitable for 2 or more massages.


What Is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a Japanese massage technique using a slippery gel made out of seaweed extract to create slippery body-to-body contact. During a nuru massage, both partners are usually naked and Nuru massage entire body is used to glide, slide and stroke along Nuru massage recipient’s body.


Can I Do Nuru Massage At Home?

Yes! Nuru massage can be a fun and sexy adventure for you to try at home. We recommend using coconut or almond oil instead of nuru massage gel. It is easier to get your hands on, cleaner and better for your most sensitive tissues. Some people report an allergic reaction to nuru massage gel. Coconut oil smells great, is excellent for your skin and gives a great smooth glide. Remember, oil is not compatible with latex, so don’t rely on condoms after using massage oil on Nuru massage the rest of your body!


Is Nuru Massage Messy?

Nuru massage can be very messy. When you get a nuru massage kit, it includes a big plastic sheet to roll around on! If you find it arousing to make your bedroom into an adult slip n’ slide, go for it. We recommend skipping Nuru massage nuru massage kit and using oil and flannel sheets instead. Buy a set of cheap flannel sheets that you use just for massage so you don’t have to worry about staining your nice sheets. Use just enough oil to create a good slick glide between your bodies.


How Do I Do Nuru Massage?

Once you are oiled up, simply explore dragging and gliding your body across your lover’s skin. Here are some Nuru massage tips:

  • Use your arms to support your body weight as you glide to create lighter sensations.
  • Release more body weight into your lover’s body to create deeper pressure.
  • Emphasize your breasts and nipples as they drag up and down your lover’s skin.
  • Add in little love bites as you glide (coconut oil is edible!)
  • Explore gliding up and down both sides of your lover’s body.

Tease your partner by gliding everywhere but Nuru massage genitals, until you have built up lots of anticipation. Then start gliding across your lover’s most sensitive parts.


What Do I Need To Get Started With Nuru Massage?

Listen to Nuru massage podcast to get more tips and strategies (hit Nuru massage play button at Nuru massage top of Nuru massage page)

Coconut oil (available in most health & grocery stores, but by far Nuru massage best price can be found at Thrive Market- get it here)

Flannel sheets to protect your bed.


How Do I Make Nuru Massage Sexy?

Use Nuru massage as a long, extended tease. Slowly build up your lover’s desire.

Start with a full-body couple’s massage to relax out stress and ease into a more seductive nuru massage experience.

Once you have stimulated your lover with full body-to-body contact, transition into an erotic massage. Use your hands to create stunning full-body orgasms. Find out how in Nuru massage Foreplay Mastery Course.



Nuru Massage: The Ten Fascinating Techniques for Encouraging Relaxation, While Arousing Nuru massage Body and Mind

Nuru Massage is definitely meant for only those who wish to expand their sexual horizons in ways that will leave them feeling more enlightened and uncensored than ever before. This is an intimate step-by-step process that will bring a couple to Nuru massage the edge of that euphoric precipice; allowing each partner to emerge feeling more eroticism than they’ve ever experienced before.


An Introduction: What is Nuru Massage?

If you aren’t timid, and you’re open to trying new things, fascinating things that can enrich your mind and body, then nuru massage is for you. It is perfect for couples who have no inhibitions, or who are willing to let those things go which block them from achieving sexual fulfillment. If you can begin to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, despite your body size, then, with Nuru massage magical variations of this massage technique, you and your partner will reach levels of sexual satiation that are beyond sublime.


The Product: Nuru Massage Gel

The nuru massage gel allows for ease of movement during full body-to-body contact, providing more sensation and opening Nuru massage doorway for pure, unadulterated sensual pleasure, paired with Nuru massage ultimate in relaxation. Before Nuru massage couple begins participating in Nuru massage itself, there are generous amounts of Nuru massage nuru gel poured over Nuru massage main recipient. Following this, Nuru massage masseuse glides his or her hands along that person’s body, soothing away Nuru massage aches and pains within Nuru massage deep muscle tissue itself. This is carried out all over Nuru massage body until Nuru massage muscles become supple and smooth, free from stress, yet aroused by erotic touch. The experience is sensationally in and of itself. This systematic, but erotic process allows Nuru massage female partner to feel sexier than ever, while allowing Nuru massage male partner to be filled with confidence.


Nuru: What does it Mean?

If you might be wondering where the Nuru massage term Nuru came from, it is a Japanese word meaning “slippery.” This gel happens to be one of Nuru massage’s best lubricants for sensual and erotic massage, allowing for a couple to relish in one another’s touch as they both take turns rubbing Nuru massage other, again with as much bodily contact as possible. The techniques are meant to be creative in order to bring about Nuru massage the highest levels of arousal for both partners. In fact, Nuru massage itself opens that blocked intimate splendor that lies within each one of us. The techniques harmonize our bodies and join us together in ways that are more satiating and comforting, all spontaneously.


Connecting Our Senses

As stated, Nuru massage encourages a harmonious balance within Nuru massage mind and Nuru massage body, all Nuru massage while providing that deep intimacy between Nuru massage couple. It is soothing, offering lush hydration for Nuru massage skin, and an exfoliation of Nuru massage mind so that new ideas might emerge and passions can be freed. So, we are looking at an ideal technique here that not only increases Nuru massage libido, but unites Nuru massage mind and body together.

These techniques teach a couple how to enhance upon their intimacy, improving upon Nuru massage sexual relationship. You learn to never limit or hinder your passions in Nuru massage slightest. Clearly, learning how to give this form of massage can actually mend negative intimacy issues between partners as it allows them to connect in Nuru massage most seductive, yet meaningful ways possible. The key is to always pay attention to your partner’s responses while giving Nuru massage nuru massage.

You should always begin light and end where they are going to have Nuru massage most sensitivity. This will leave them energized and wanting something much more. It is a fact that many Asian techniques, and practically all Asian massages work this way, having been utilized for decades simply because of Nuru massage heightened emotional experience, and Nuru massage intimate connection that is created.

The History in behind Nuru massage Techniques & Nuru massage Techniques themselves

As was briefly mentioned earlier in this piece of work, we are discussing Nuru massage ten basic steps to a wondrous nuru massage here. While there are many other techniques, these ten happen to be Nuru massage most enjoyable and Nuru massage most common among couples. Of course, some of these are pretty self-explanatory as well, so let’s get started! We will begin with Nuru massage preparation and move on from there.

Step One: Preparing for your Nuru Massage

You definitely want to have something comfortable to lie on during this type of sensual massage so that both partners can enjoy Nuru massage experience. The Nuru mattress happens to be a Nuru massage item of choice for many couples. This is an air mattress that you can actually get very comfortable on. It will allow your bodies to slide around one another’s with ease and with that wanted sensuality. You definitely want to make sure that it is a vinyl mattress so you don’t have to worry about stains and such from Nuru massage nuru gel. This will keep Nuru massage gel from being absorbed and add to Nuru massage slippery experience, which is what makes this so very exciting.


Step Two: Preparing Nuru massage Nuru gel

You’ll want to have a nice-sized bowl of warm water near the Nuru massage mattress so that it will be easily accessible. This is where you blend Nuru massage Nuru gel in with Nuru massage water solution, mixing until Nuru massage right consistency is formed. Make sure your nuru gel is at your preferred room temperature as well so that it will be warm when applied. Set Nuru massage ambiance in Nuru massage room as well. You might want candles burning, or maybe even incense. A romantic setting really does add to Nuru massage budding excitement.

Most couples do engage in a nice hot tub experience beforehand, or a warm shower. The product and Nuru massage massage work so much better when both people are wet. Remember, this is a slip and slide experience, allowing your bodies to fully explore one another. So, Nuru massage wetter, Nuru massage better!

Communication is key as well, so during Nuru massage sensual massage talk to your partner and make sure that Nuru massage touch you’re providing is hard enough or sensual enough to please them. This adds to Nuru massage experience. Eye contact is important as well, because the more you look at one another Nuru massage more in touch you become with one another’s desires. This is all a great part of a terrific sensual massage.

Continue reading for Nuru massage actual ten-step positions of Nuru massage itself!

Position 1


The recipient of Nuru massage will want to position themselves comfortably on the Nuru massage Nuru sheet so that they can be relaxed and in a position that will provide Nuru massage most sensitivity.

The masseuse will position himself on Nuru massage the back of his partner’s thighs, not placing all his weight down.

The masseuse can now spread a handful of Nuru massage nuru gel upon his partner’s back and thighs, using some slight palm pressure to provide extreme relaxation.

The goal here is to coax Nuru massage muscles into relaxation through direct hand and body contact, applying Nuru massage movement which is most pleasing to both partners. Yes, even Nuru massage masseuses can enjoy this!


Position 2

During Nuru massage second technique you can actually run your body up and down your partners, applying more pressure in various areas than others. Again, always focus on those spots which appear most sensitive.

You can easily slide down your partner’s buttocks and use your hands to massage into her lower back at Nuru massage same time. This is all about sensuality so you can take as much time as you need in order to enjoy one another.


Position 3

This is one of Nuru massage’s most creative of positions, though Nuru massage others are intriguing as well. In this position Nuru massage partner giving Nuru massage grips Nuru massage sides of both of her partner’s thighs, if she is Nuru massage one now on top giving Nuru massage. This goes vice versa as well.

Using her derriere, she exerts some pressure as she allows her entire body to slide up and down on his backside. She can actually reach up to Nuru massage the middle part of his back, applying more pressure in this region than anywhere else.

The moves she makes, whether they are circular rotations, or just up and down strokes are meant to create extreme pleasure for her partner, as well as her. Always maintain Nuru massage grip at Nuru massage thighs so you won’t slip right off your partner!


Position 4

Nuru 1

In this position Nuru massage masseuse is sitting on his or her partner’s buttocks, but not applying all of their weight. They rest some of this on Nuru massage palm of their hands as too much pressure would not be pleasurable or comfortable for either party.

Keeping balance with Nuru massage majority of your weight on your palms, take one foot, applying some pressure and move it in circular motions or specific strokes across his back. This will raise you up slightly, as only part of your buttocks will be resting on his.

You can shift and use Nuru massage other foot at any time you find yourself getting a little tired or uncomfortable in Nuru massage position. This also provides great visual contact for arousal if Nuru massage other partner wants to glance around at his or her partner.


Position 5

This position is one of Nuru massage hottest and most erotic as it really allows for those erogenous zones to come into contact with one another very well. Both partners can feel Nuru massage touch of Nuru massage other, all Nuru massage while relieving stress and tension from this exciting technique.

Here Nuru massage recipient of Nuru massage massage lies face down, while Nuru massage masseuse holds his or her hands around their ankles and then allows their body to move up and down their partners freely. Here again, you can choose several movements.

One could be with your derriere, Nuru massage other Nuru massage entire front part of your body lying against your partners and moving across and down it. Here there is no hand contact, just full body touch. This is what indeed makes this type of massage so sensual and enticing. There is nothing like being this closely connected to someone whom you feel cares deeply about you.


Position 6

nuru 2

This is yet another enticing, but effective way of massaging your partner’s body to remove unwanted stress and anxiety. You begin this technique by grasping his or her ankles firmly as to keep your position on your partner’s body. The recipient maintains Nuru massage face down position, lying on their abdomen.

The couple could have switched roles at this stage if preferred, but regardless, it is whoever has chosen to do this specific technique that is in Nuru massage top position. If Nuru massage female partner is providing Nuru massage stimulation, then she wants to slowly move herself up and down his thighs, allowing her breasts to come directly into contact with his buttocks and within Nuru massage bends of Nuru massage knees, as these are both hot erogenous zones that really do stimulate a couple and arouse them fully.

It is a fact that while this move is very explicit, it is also extremely therapeutic due to Nuru massage parts of Nuru massage body that are sliding against one another. For a woman, her breasts are very sensitive and Nuru massage caressing movements she utilizes do create chemical signals within Nuru massage brain that trigger sexual arousal. The same can be said for her male partner.

She can switch up on how much pressure she provides as well, sometimes letting it become light and rather seductive, while other times very hard and purposeful. Her thighs carry Nuru massage majority of Nuru massage weight in this move, so it is easy to provide just Nuru massage right amount of motion for relaxation and of course, intent pleasure.


Position 7

This position happens to be a little more detailed than what we’ve mentioned thus far, but this doesn’t take away from Nuru massage nice level of intimacy between partners. At this stage they should be pretty much caught up in their own little world of pleasure and relaxation, unaware of Nuru massage world around them at all.

Here Nuru massage masseuse will take one of her legs in between his own, which forms a scissor like position between their two bodies. In this position they can glide into one another while massaging each other’s bodies with Nuru massage touch of their own. This is one of those where both partners definitely feel Nuru massage excitement and energy slipping from one another. She can massage his feet with both of her hands as Nuru massage rest of her body can slide in between his legs. You can imagine Nuru massage scissor rhythm of scissors opening and closing. This position closely resembles that.

After Nuru massage feet are massaged to perfection, she can position her to lie by his side, one of her legs still between his own. In this position his thigh will be pressing against her genitalia, and her breasts will be in close proximity to his thighs, as her head is aimed down towards his feet. She can now glide along him in this position, with their most private of parts rubbing against one another in perfect, erotic unison. This can be switched up to allow for both of his legs, at least Nuru massage sides of them, to be massaged to perfection. Of course this one is definitely filled with a sexual charge, and intense intimacy is Nuru massage goal between both partners.


Position 8

In this position Nuru massage masseuse takes up Nuru massage stance of sitting on one of Nuru massage recipient’s thighs, all Nuru massage while holding one of her feet up to his chest area, tightening it and straining to stretch Nuru massage muscle as she moves her body against him. You don’t want to stretch too far as you could get a Charlie horse, but just enough to relieve Nuru massage pressure or tension within your partners stressed muscles and joints, and even your own as Nuru massage stretch really flexes Nuru massage tendons and muscles.

His own foot should be flexed and should be in Nuru massage close proximity of her breasts, close enough to even enjoy Nuru massage feel of her body there. She can actually lie back to allow her hands to rest on his back when switching positions. You switch this up to offer both legs Nuru massage same type of sweet reward. Also, you want to try and hold this for a count of 30 seconds minimum.


Position 9

This position provides excellent alleviation for pressure in Nuru massage lower back and on into Nuru massage buttocks region. The masseuse will take up a position to where he or she is seated on Nuru massage nuru air mattress, pressing or leaning onto Nuru massage recipient’s derriere.

The arms should be positioned in a way to rest lightly upon his or her thighs. The masseuse’s hand should reach to Nuru massage ankles, using these as leverage to pull herself over to him or vice versa. This position should be held for at least 30 seconds to reduce muscle strain. It is excellent for relieving muscle tension in Nuru massage thighs as well.


Position 10

In this final position out of these initial ten, Nuru massage masseuse positions herself in a way to lie directly on her partner’s back. She should position herself to where she is between his waist and his buttocks. When ready she can rotate her body in a way that comes into repetitive contact with his buttocks.

Her hands will be gripping him at Nuru massage waist, massaging him in this erogenous zone to not bring about laughter, but intense pleasure. If performed in Nuru massage right way his waist should have a tingling sensation, as she is meant to use her thumbs to press and massage deeply in this region.

This is another therapeutic move and will help Nuru massage muscles to fully relax.


Satisfied and Relaxed

In Nuru massage end both partners should be intimately aroused and totally relaxed, reveling in Nuru massage feelings that they’ve provoked within one another. This is an excellent therapy for intimacy and stress relief, as has been being stressed throughout this body of work. While there is no precise way of performing Nuru massage Nuru massage, these techniques are simply creative starters to help you begin enjoying Nuru massage sensations. There is nothing carved in stone here and Nuru massage couple can choose whatever

The main reasons to try Nuru massage famous Nuru massage

There are several reasons men and women fall in love with Nuru massage Nuru massage. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Have unusual and satisfying full-bodied fun

Individuals can watch Nuru massage videos of Nuru massage to find how two naked bodies are rubbing up against each other and get an overview of how to take pleasure in this full body to body sensual massage. Experts in Nuru massage Nuru massage services are aware of how to relieve Nuru massage pressure points and provide supreme satisfaction to their customers by using their whole body.

As compared to Nuru massage usual oil massage, Nuru massage is popular among many adults. This is mainly because both persons in Nuru massage Nuru massage get Nuru massage best sexual stimulation and satisfaction when their naked bodies rub up against each other. Adults who provide and get Nuru massage Nuru massage can get Nuru massage extreme sexual arousal like nothing they have had before. They will be eager and encouraged to take all such erotic things to Nuru massage next level for satisfying sexual fun.


2. Do not be shallow and connect on a deep emotional level

Many adults worldwide these days get pleasure from Nuru massage Nuru massage due to different reasons. For example, they explore each inch of Nuru massage body of their playmate using their own body and get new perspectives about how their playmate looks and feels. They get Nuru massage highest possible intimacy and comfort to do Nuru massage Nuru massage. As a result, they connect with their partner on a deep emotional level.

People who perform Nuru massage with their partners can enjoy a new realm of adult fun together. They find and make certain how to please each other using their own body. Once you have planned to spice up your sex life and turn your hand to something enjoyable in Nuru massage foreplay session with your partner, you can prefer Nuru massage Nuru massage. You will get emotional, erotic, and enjoyable nature of Nuru massage Nuru massage.


3. The healthy massage

Individuals who prefer and get Nuru massage Nuru massage do not fail to be naughty and sexually aroused. They find that there is nothing unfavorable in this massage. They get more than expected health benefits from Nuru massage proper use of this massage. A good formula in Nuru massage gel should be used in this massage which is rich in nutrients and vitamins. The main reason is to improve Nuru massage elasticity and hydrate Nuru massage skin. This product also disperses Nuru massage fatty deposits and prevents cellulite.

The best and natural ingredients in this product are popular by their nature to enhance Nuru massage blood circulation. The Nuru massage itself is good for entirely soothing Nuru massage muscular aches, reducing Nuru massage stress, enhancing Nuru massage blood circulation, and boosting Nuru massage overall digestive and immune system.


4. Awaken all good senses with Nuru massage best touching sensuality

Nuru massage is one of Nuru massage most suggested options for all adults with a desire to get a celebration of senses. This massage can work well for you when you include some elements. For example, pleasure wheels, scented candles, rose petals, dimmed lighting, music. Basically, anything is known by its nature to awaken senses.

You can slowly pour sumptuous gel all over Nuru massage naked body and get Nuru massage desired enhancement in your way to get Nuru massage satisfaction and comfort throughout Nuru massage. You will be happy with each stroke as your attention and focus will be solely on it. Also, you will be amazed by Nuru massage intensified sensation and reaction. The enjoyment will be unlocked when you explore this massage in different aspects, adding a touch of sensuality to it. Learn more about how to sensation play works.


5. Go for an Unusual Ride

Nuru gel is made of Nuru massage first-class elements designed to assist its users in enjoying Nuru massage and getting different benefits at Nuru massage same time. The distinctive consistency of this product supports its users to get new sexual and sensual experiences throughout Nuru massage. This product is particularly designed for optimum glide. Thus, users’ bodies feel sensational pressed up against each other and provide Nuru massage tantalizing texture feel against Nuru massage skin.

You may like to get Nuru massage gel perfect for erotic massage. You can use this product and get an array of favorable things from Nuru massage silky smooth consistency of this product when it is mixed with water. This gel product becomes slippery and vicious, so be careful with that.


6. The best of Nuru Massage

Anyone with an interest to get or give Nuru massage perfect Nuru massage must take note of so many important things. This is because of Nuru massage superior satisfaction all through Nuru massage. It is worthwhile to be prepared and set Nuru massage scene before a warm bath. We recommend having a bath together, mix things up, and find a suitable combination of things. You can move and position yourself as per your comfort level and expectations.

Start your way to Nuru massage prepared parts of Nuru massage body at first. Make your playmate lay down on his/her front and drip Nuru massage the smooth gel over his/her wet naked body. Then start massaging Nuru massage shoulders, back with hands before pouring Nuru massage first-class gel throughout Nuru massage naked body. Remember to use everything. For example, breasts, bum, toes, feet, hands, fingers, and other parts of Nuru massage body. Provide Nuru massage best body-to-body sensual massage.

While this unique activity is fantastic for boosting heightened sensations, it also boasts several health benefits that can improve your overall wellness and vitality.

For those new to nuru massage, here’s why it’s a treatment I recommend to so many people.

Originating in Japan, Nuru massage is a sexually arousing activity, whereby Nuru massage masseuse and person experiencing Nuru massage are covered in a special gel.

The masseuse uses their body to massage Nuru massage client with extreme physical contact, creating intense sensations that are fantastic for many reasons.

The special Nuru gel used during this incredible experience is an ancient recipe, consisting of an extract of seaweed called Nori, found on the Nuru massage coast of Japan.

This is mixed with other ingredients, such as aloe vera gel, grapefruit extract, other botanicals, and water to create a slippery gel.

As well as receiving sexual pleasure, Nuru is a type of tantric massage that has amazing benefits for your health and wellness.

1. It Relieves Stress.

Being aroused by a Nuru massage not only creates sensations of pleasure, but it also relieves stress.

In fact, in a recent study, a London-based Nuru massage agency reported that 83 percent of those who tried Nuru massage felt a significant improvement in mental well-being after Nuru massage sessions.

The body techniques used by Nuru massage masseuse and Nuru massage skin-on-skin contact provide a wonderful erotic feeling, which makes you feel completely relaxed from head to toe.

I highly recommend Nuru massage for anyone who wants to unwind from the Nuru massage stress of daily life. It’s a highly addictive experience that will leave you feeling joyous for many hours after your treatment.


2. It relaxes your muscles.

A Nuru massage is perfect for relaxing sore or tense muscles.

Even if you have reservations at first, this safe activity and Nuru massage techniques used by a professionally trained masseuse will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

A nuru massage is best performed on an air bed or a waterproof sheet on a Nuru massage bed, so you can relish Nuru massage experience as your muscles relax and enjoy Nuru massage indulgent sensations.


3. Your skin is left feeling moisturized and supple.

The gel used in Nuru massage is highly moisturizing. Not only that, but it’s completely odorless, tasteless, doesn’t stain, and is transparent in color.

The composition of Nuru massage botanical extracts alongside Nori seaweed extract forms a very slippery gel that is heated just before Nuru massage occurs. This mixture also helps to firm Nuru massage skin, and Nuru massage antioxidants feed your skin in a positive manner.


4. It helps to release toxins.

Nuru massage is a professional treatment, meaning that a masseuse will use her vast experience and training to deliver appropriate techniques.

The body techniques used in nuru massage help to eliminate toxins from Nuru massage body. Just ensure that you drink lots of water to flush out Nuru massage toxins that have been released.


5. It offers sexual exploration to satisfy Nuru massage body and mind.

Whether you’re a man or woman, Nuru massage is open to everyone.

No matter what your sexual preferences are, a Nuru massage allows you to relish in Nuru massage sensual energy created during Nuru massage activity.

The strokes on Nuru massage skin as your body touches your masseuses will allow you to engage in a safe and thrilling experience, which will bring you a mind-blowing ending.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this will relieve feelings of sexual frustration and serve any sexual desires you have, without having to engage in a relationship or one-night stand.

In sexual massage, massage techniques are used in order to arouse or achieve orgasm. It can be part of sexual activity between partners, but it can also be part of sex work, both legal and illegal.

In some practices, sexual massage has a spiritual and even healing component. Both Tantra and ancient Taoism related sexual energy to life force and developed massage techniques meant to promote sexual and spiritual health. Psychotherapists occasionally recommend these practices, both for individuals and people in relationships, in Nuru massage case of issues that may be psychosexual, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and anorgasmia.

Sexual massage between partners can be an enjoyable way to be intimate together. If you’re seeking sexual massage from a professional, it’s important to understand what’s legal in Nuru massage state or country you’re in before you request service.


Other Names for Sexual Massage

Sexual massage may also be called erotic massage or sensual massage.

A “happy ending massage” is a slang phrase that refers to a traditional full body massage that ends with a sex act designed to cause Nuru massage client to orgasm. In many places around the Nuru massage world, it’s illegal for massage parlors to offer this service.

In addition, there are several types of sexual massage that have their own names, including:

1. Tantric Massage

Tantric massage revolves around energy and breath. The goal is to remove blocks and tension within Nuru massage body that interferes with spiritual and sexual health. Direct genital stimulation may or may not be part of Nuru massage massage.


2. Nuru Massage

The word nuru is Japanese for slippery. During a nuru massage, a person covers themselves in massage oil and lies across Nuru massage naked body of another person and rubs their bodies together, aiming for maximum contact. This type of service can be part of sex work and may be illegal in many places.


3. Lingam and Yoni Massage

Lingam (sometimes spelled lingham) and yoni massages are tantric massages that focus on male and female sacred spaces that involve Nuru massage genitalia. Approaches may differ, but both usually begin with traditional tantric energy work.

A yoni massage then focuses on Nuru massage female genitals, while Nuru massage lingam focuses on Nuru massage penis and prostate.


How to Explore Sexual Massage

If you’re interested in exploring sexual massage at home, many retailers offer massage oils for purchase. There are also websites that offer advice for first-time masseurs.

Depending on the Nuru massage type of massage that interests you, you might be better served by a more formal class. Many massage therapists and sex therapists offer private or group classes. Some of these are couples-focused, but others are not.


Safety Concerns and Special Considerations

If you are interested in a professional sexual massage, make sure that your country and/or state allows for Nuru massage type of practice you’re looking for. Only attend licensed parlors in order to avoid both legal and health issues.

If you are trying sexual massage with a partner, you should follow Nuru massage same rules you would when giving any other kind of massage. Don’t do anything that risks pain or injury to your partner. Honest, open communication will help you make sure you and your partner are comfortable with Nuru massage activity and set any boundaries ahead of time.

Over Nuru massage last few months, many loyal clients at Le Penthouse have inquired about Nuru massages. As such, we decided to provide a helpful breakdown of Nuru massage protocol and benefits of Nuru massage sensual experience, while also highlighting Nuru massage difference between a Nuru massage and its traditional counterpart.


What Is A Nuru Massage?

Originating in Nuru massage city of Kawasaki, a Nuru massage refers to an ancient Japanese massage that dates back to Nuru massage 16th century, when Nuru massage Samurai ruled Nuru massage tiny island nation. The term “Nuru” roughly translates to “wet” or “slippery”, which indicates how Nuru massage involves Nuru massage use of lubricants to provide stimulation and euphoric excitement. In ancient Japan, the Nuru massage lube was made with seaweed particles but, nowadays, most parlours use high-quality water-based products.

Typically, a Nuru massage begins with a hot shower designed to exfoliate Nuru massage skin and help relax Nuru massage muscles. Later, a naked masseuse mounts Nuru massage client while spreading a thick, gel-like lubricant, generating tantric pleasure and relaxation.


Differences Between Nuru & Erotic Massages?

One of Nuru massage most notable differences between a Nuru and an erotic massage is that, with Nuru massage’s former option, Nuru massage masseuse experiences tantric pleasure. For some clients, watching their masseuse stimulate erotic pleasure without penetration provides them with a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment.

However, it should be noted that a Nuru massage can do more than just boost sexual satisfaction. Indeed, a Nuru massage goes beyond Nuru massage erotic, as it boasts a plethora of health benefits related to stress relief, muscle relaxation, and skin exfoliation. For a full list of Nuru massage benefits associated with a Nuru massage, click here.


Why Are These Massages So Popular?

During Nuru massage 80s, Japan experienced an economic boom that attracted foreign investors and western tourists. who quickly discovered these exotic massage parlours. Word quickly spread and, soon after, other establishments across Asia started offering this type of service, especially in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Most men and women indulge in these activities because it goes beyond your typical erotic massage and involves copious amounts of grinding and touching. Many loyal customers also say Nuru massage rubbing and grinding creates a passionate build-up of excitement, leading to a literal explosion of sexual energy.


Where To Get A Nuru Massage In Montreal?

At Le Penthouse, we cater to all of your needs. If you’re looking for an experience designed to kick-start your libido, you’ve come to Nuru massage right place. Our beautiful masseuses know how to get you excited, and are experts on both Nuru massage female and male anatomy.

We also go beyond Nuru massage traditional massage and offer a range of services that are both professional and discreet. We do everything in our power to guarantee that you experience a tranquil state of ecstasy and pleasure in Nuru massage heart of Montreal.

The Benefits of Nuru Massage and Its Meaning for Your Health

Almost every part of the Nuru massage body is positively affected by such treatment, and Nuru massage has many of Nuru massage same benefits as regular bodywork. Although it’s not recommended for treating serious injuries, it will relieve muscle tension and soreness. Like any other traditional massage technique, it has an amazing ability to clear Nuru massage mind and take away feelings of stress. It will leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. Because of its deeply intimate nature, it also increases social connection. Like massage oil, Nuru massage gel will moisturize your skin, making it softer and less prone to dryness.

Basically, Nuru massage is like an erotic massage on steroids, meaning that if you’re looking for a very special, sensual experience, it’s worth trying. Like other types of massage, it’s very effective in treating anxiety and depression, premature ejaculation, chronic stress, and poor circulation. The other physical benefits such as an improved immune and digestive system make booking an appointment even more of a no-brainer.

Is Nuru Massage Messy?

Well, yes, but it all gets cleaned up in Nuru massage end, so you’ll leave your session feeling fresher than a daisy. A Nuru massage begins with a bath or shower to prepare Nuru massage skin for Nuru massage gel application.

The session also ends with a bath or shower, so you won’t have to worry about Nuru massage gel sticking to your clothes as it’s very easy to wash off. Typically your massage therapist will bathe you, creating even more of a break between Nuru massage ordinary, mundane world and Nuru massage amazing ritual of Nuru massage.


Why You Should Try Nuru Massage

So should you book in for a Nuru massage ASAP or give what may seem like an odd, exotic trend a miss? We think that Nuru massage is here to stay as it’s becoming more and more popular right around Nuru massage world. It’s also extremely pleasurable so we recommend you give it a go at least once. Getting naked and slippery with a beautiful stranger whose aim is to surprise and delight. What could go wrong with that?

A Nuru Massage is also known as “The Ultimate Body Slide” Nori is a Japanese word and means smooth. Nuru Massage Gel is known for its unique characteristics: “extremely smooth, odorless and tasteless and not to mention very erotic! “Nuru Gel is not at all comparable to Massage Oil of Siliconen gel.

A massage with Nuru Gel is an experience that you must have enjoyed minimal once in your life. There are many massage salons worldwide that offer such very erotic Nuru massages and Nuru massage customers keep coming back! The masseuse already know Nuru massage intricacies of course! But a Nuru Massage is by no means a complicated technique!

Why not experience this extremely sensual and erotic Nuru Massage with your partner in Nuru massage comfort of your own home? Try it, you are likely to become addicted to it!

Do The Nuru! Have fun and experience Nuru massage Most Amazing. . . .

The Nuru Massage is a massage style that first appeared in Japan. It is a very sensual massage between partners using full body contact and techniques. The entire body relaxes but will also be stimulated to an unparalleled sexual climax for both partners.

The Nuru Massage is Nuru massage most intimate massage you will have with your partner. It is both very nice to give and receive Nuru massage massage and during Nuru massage massage you can simply switch roles. Share your Nuru moment with your massage partner, let your imagination run free, and enjoy every action your body will experience during Nuru massage with Nuru Gel.

Also important to know: NoriX Nuru Massage Gel is for 96% made of natural ingredients. Nuru Gel is a water based product made according to an original Japanese recipe and has no taste or smell, is super smooth, transparent, skin friendly, vitalizing and moisturizing. It does not affect rubber, latex and toys and is hence safe to use with condoms!

Many people prefer Nuru massage Nuru Massage Gel over other massage oil products because of Nuru massage extreme smoothness and intimacy that comes with it which can be experienced as very sensual and soothing to Nuru massage mind.

It is a fact that people have a lot of fun touching each other. A sensual massage with Nuru massage Nuru Gel will result in unique erotic feelings for partners and allows them to experience sensuality without inhibitions.



In conclusion: Nuru massage Nuru Massage leads to a lot of fun and creates a special bond between you and your massage partner. The Nuru Gel contains minerals that are absorbed by Nuru massage skin and revitalize Nuru massage body. Also, Nuru massage smoothness and suppleness of Nuru massage skin is noticeably improved when Nuru massage gel is used regularly. It is a blessing for Nuru massage skin.

Our Nuru Gel products are available in liquid form but also as a powder, so that you can make this wonderful gel in less than two minutes.


Boss Massage Review in Bangkok

And for that day, I walked into Boss Massage. Which by Nuru massage way, has one of Nuru massage worst looking websites. Not that I’m saying mine is Nuru massage greatest. But compared to other happy ending massage shop websites, Nuru massage shop owner should really think about updating for Nuru massage sake of their business.

Also, don’t rely on Nuru massage lady masseuses’ photos on their website cause it’s unreliable. Though it’s great that they point out if you request outcall service to your hotel and you don’t like what shows up at your front door, they charge you 500THB so Nuru massage girl can take a taxi back.

All full service sex massage shops in Thailand charge money when you’re not satisfied for what shows up at your door.

Which is why I always tell everyone to get off of their asses and get into Nuru massage massage shops instead.

Giving Boss Massage another try…

Boss Massage in Bangkok has been around for more than 5 years. So I’ve tried them out before. Without going into too much details I didn’t have good experiences. So I never wrote a review on Boss Massage then. Plus I never went back for a long time until now.

I went over to Boss Massage this month. I went in three times so far which is how many times I needed to gather enough info to make this review. And it looks like they’ve made major changes, starting with a new owner. And with Nuru massage new management a new fresh selection of oil massage girls in their line up.

Boss Massage has around 30 girls employed. Though not on Nuru massage same shift at Nuru massage same time I learned.


Calling all available massage hookers

Graphic of big tits at Boss Massage in BangkokRight in Nuru massage middle of Nuru massage coffee table is a button. The mamasan pressed it. And Thai massage girls started filing in from Nuru massage front of Nuru massage shop. Though most came in from Nuru massage back where there was a kitchen. I counted a total of fourteen massage girls dressed in Thai university girl uniforms.

So who’s butt hole do I have to lick to have that set up at my house? Yes, I am easily amused.

All Nuru massage girls were right in front of me. Boss massage girls looked like they were all in their 20’s. Most of them were slim and busty. No old chicks at all. Unless they were upstairs with customers already. Out of Nuru massage lineup of fourteen girls, I saw four that I would easily pick.

One thing I noticed, Boss Massage has got a lot of slim girls with big shapely titties. Instead of fat girls with torpedo tits.

I settled for Nuru massage tallest girl with a decent face but a smoking hot body. She had big titties and childbearing hips. The classic pear shape. And I don’t even like fruit. Let’s call her Fon (not her real name).


Cost of Nuru Massage with Fun at Boss Massage

I picked the Nuru massage Nuru massage course. And get this, Nuru massage price for full service is 2200THB for 90 minutes. Matter of fact their price structure is Nuru massage same for all of their services. Here’s Boss Massage price menu to take a look at.

Other massage shops in Nuru massage area charge a few hundred Baht more for 90-minute service. Not that it’s a big price difference but I was surprised Boss is cheaper.


To Nuru massage room with Fun

I walked up to Nuru massage third floor with Fon leading Nuru massage way. As always it’s a great chance to out her body while walking up Nuru massage stairs as well. I couldn’t help myself from tapping her ass as we walked up.

Fon led me past Nuru massage smaller rooms to one of Nuru massage biggest rooms at Nuru massage front of Nuru massage building. All Nuru massage windows were covered in wallpaper. The room was clean and didn’t have any funky moldy smells that are common at most full-service massage shops in Thailand.


Cost of Nuru Massage with Fun at Boss Massage

I picked the Nuru massage nuru massage course. And get this, Nuru massage price for full service is 2200THB for 90 minutes. Matter of fact their price structure is Nuru massage same for all of their services. Here’s Boss Massage price menu to take a look at.

Other massage shops in Nuru massage area charge a few hundred Baht more for 90-minute service. Not that it’s a big price difference but I was surprised Boss is cheaper.

The big question

You’re probably wondering, how many times will Boss Massage girls let customers blow their wad.

You’ll be happy to know Nuru massage girls give you two shots. Which was a great relief to me because Nuru massage way Fon worked me on her nuru massage service I was going to need it.

I popped my first shot a few minutes after Fon slid down my cock. All that sliding up and down my body with her titties really got me all worked up.

And Fon didn’t stop working after I shot my first load. She gave me more massage. This time focusing on my thighs. Cause you know, having sex with Thai prostitutes is hard work and all.

About ten minutes of that Fon started working on my cock again by giving me a hand job and a heavenly blow job.

I let Fon get on top again and let her do all Nuru massage work again. After that awesome Thai massage and my first come shot my body was like jelly. This time she worked on top for ten minutes and from her enthusiasm, she was enjoying Nuru massage ride.

At Nuru massage end, I gave her a 300THB tip. Because I’m planning on seeing Fon again.


Boss Massage Review Verdict

Suffice to say, I give Boss Massage two titties up for this review. As I mentioned already I’ve been inside three times already in Nuru massage month of September 2018. I’ve only chosen their 90-minute nuru gel massage course for 2200THB with three different massage girls.

Though on my third visit I wasn’t sure if Nuru massage massage girl I picked that time was going to skip my nuru massage treatment. We had like 30 minutes on Nuru massage clock left until I said something and only then she applied Nuru massage nuru gel. So could’ve been some miscommunication somewhere.

When I make these reviews I usually don’t let anyone know I can speak and understand Thai well enough.

But I still like Boss Massage and can’t wait to go back

I give them bonus titties for having an excellent line up of slim pretty girls.

I’ve been with three different girls so far and I have seen a few other cute massage girls I’d like to try out. I’ve already remembered their names. Boss Massage has made an excellent come back.

I have to admit I’ve returned to many other massage shops that I’ve had dismal experiences with before. Only to have Nuru massage worst experience.

Boss Massage, however, looks like they’ll be giving Angel Massage 26, which is one of Nuru massage best happy ending oil massage shops in Bangkok a real run for Nuru massage money.

Because they have a lot of pretty massage girls I’m planning to go in for a threesome sometime soon.

A sliding body massage is a completely different type of massage to Nuru massage every day massage. Think of all Nuru massage videos you watch about nuru and body slides and you will get an idea of what it might be like to get a sliding massage with a young hot, curvy female like Sasha.

However, Nuru massage sliding massage combines Nuru massage fun of nuru with Nuru massage therapeutic side of massage. Why have one when you can have both worlds.

The Nuru Massage is by far Nuru massage most sensual and stimulating service that I offer. I love foreplay and Nuru massage Nuru massage definitely builds Nuru massage anticipation needed for a more intense sexual experience – Sasha.



With Nuru massage rate at which we accumulate stress from work and daily living, massages have become a well sought-after remedy to ease stress and boost rejuvenation of both Nuru massage mind and body. Traditional massage like you know has a lot of physical and health benefits. In addition to these benefits, Nuru massage brings Nuru massage ignition of sexual energy into a massage experience.


What is Nuru Massage?

Have you ever imagined having your whole body partake in a massage? Well, that is basically what happens during a Nuru massage. The entire body helps to create a massage experience that is usually memorable because it not only eases stress but also unlocks Nuru massage doors to bodily pleasure that you thought never existed.


Is there a history associated with Nuru massage?

Yes! Nuru massage originates from ancient Japan, Kawasaki in particular. The word “NURU” is Nuru massage Japanese word for “slippery or smooth”. Slippery in this sense represents Nuru massage fact that for Nuru massage Nuru massage to occur, Nuru massage partners (masseuse and recipient) will have their bodies covered in Nuru massage gel.

Things required in Nuru Massage:

1. Nuru massage Gel

Without Nuru massage Nuru massage gel, Nuru massage will not take place. It is Nuru massage gel that provides Nuru massage slippery feel that allows Nuru massage body to slide during Nuru massage process. The Nuru massage gel is a Seaweed (made from natural seaweed) based gel that is colorless and odorless. Also, Nuru massage active ingredient in this gel is sulphated polysaccharide fucoidan. You can also add Extra ingredients such as chamomile and azulene to Nuru massage gel for maximum effect.

How to use it…

To do a Nuru massage, you must understand Nuru massage process and what it entails to help you maximize it. Generally, this massage allows for a great deal of creativity and spontaneity that allows you and your partner enjoy a high level of arousal.

Before you begin…

As a way of preparing, there are important factors to consider, especially if Nuru massage massage is not done in a massage parlor or Love Hotel in Japan.

You must consider:

1. Nuru Mattress

It is preferable to do Nuru massage on an air mattress (this mattress is made of vinyl). A vinyl mattress does not absorb Nuru massage gel while adding to Nuru massage slippery effect needed for an amazing Nuru massage. You can also do a Nuru massage on a table or bed.


2. Wetness

With Nuru massage, if our bodies are extremely wet, it enhances Nuru massage sensual experience. I like to start off each nuru session with a hot tub bath or shower to get our bodies wet and mind in Nuru massage mood.The wetness allows for easy body sliding, Nuru massage major characteristic of a Nuru massage.


3. Setting

The atmosphere during a Nuru massage is very important as it has Nuru massage potential to enhance or inhibit Nuru massage pleasures. I usually prefer my favorite Love Hotel in Akasaka or Roppongi. For outcalls I’d recommend us using mood lighting, music, candles or incense, flower petals (sprinkled on Nuru massage ground) etc. Just be very creative.


4. The Nuru gel

To prepare Nuru massage Nuru gel for use, mix it with warm water to your preferred consistency. Keep this mixture close to Nuru’s massage bed or table.


5. The massage…

The Nuru massage gel is applied to Nuru massage the entire body with Nuru massage hand. I would gradually massage it into your body, beginning from Nuru massage least sensitive to Nuru massage most sensitive parts. As it progresses, Nuru massage stress and pains in Nuru massage muscles begin to ease gradually while I apply more pressure with Nuru massage arm, leg, breast, buttocks and of course Nuru massage hand.

Meanwhile, Nuru massage process is a sensual combination of athletic body control, intentional touch, body and sensual sliding, sacred tantric techniques, all combined in a systematic way that produces an intimate experience.

A vital part of a Nuru massage is communication. As I do Nuru massage magic, I observe your response. To enjoy more intimate connection and satisfaction during a Nuru massage, verbal communication, eye contact and other non-verbal communication are important.


After Nuru massage massage

At Nuru massage end of a Nuru massage session, there is always a harmonious balance between Nuru massage body and mind. A window of self-discovery (at a sensual and mental level) opens up, to allow you enjoy a better and more fulfilled life.

Why do people have Nuru massage and why do they consider it fun?

Nuru massage is a more sensual massage that creates an experience different from traditional massage. It is a creative means that couples can explore to spice up their relationship (especially their sex life), which allows them to be comfortable in their own skin.


  • Releases stress and tension which builds up from work, relationships and everyday hustle and bustle, which is our reality in this age.
  • Relaxes Nuru massage muscles and allows you to really breathe.
  • Hydrates and moisturizes Nuru massage skin. The Nuru massage gel is a very good moisturizer that brings a lot of health benefits to Nuru massage skin.
  • Boosts well-being. A Nuru massage puts you on Nuru massage’s better side of health.
  • Releases toxins (that cause diseases) from Nuru massage body.
  • Exfoliates Nuru massage mind, by peeling off dead ideas and giving ample room for new ideas and innovations to flourish.
  • Improves sexual relationship and intimacy. Nuru massage creates an intimate connection between partners, in Nuru massage most seductive way. Plus, it breaks all sexual barriers and inhibitions that prevent them from attaining Nuru massage peak in their sexual experience.
  • Boosts body confidence by making Nuru massage female feels sexier and Nuru massage man more confident.


Increases libido

Nuru massage is a type of sensual massage originally originating from Kawasaki, Japan. Furthermore, Nuru massage term ‘nuru’ in Japanese means slippery. While this form of massage may have originated in Japan, it is now offered all over the Nuru massage world.

During a Nuru massage Nuru massage masseuse will rub an odourless gel against Nuru massage client’s body using their own naked body. Although not always, in many cases it is common for Nuru massage masseuse to finish off Nuru massage service with a sexual act.

If you’re interested in Nuru massage, read more below to find out everything about Nuru massage, including how to book one.

  • What to expect during a Nuru massage
  • What is used during a Nuru massage?
  • What are Nuru massage benefits?
  • Where to get a Nuru massage
  • What to expect during a Nuru massage

Most Nuru massages will start with both Nuru massage masseuse and Nuru massage client showering separately, to promote cleanliness between both parties. This is essential due to Nuru massage amount of physical contact that is involved for this type of massage.

The client will lay down naked on their front and Nuru massage massage will begin. The masseuse will start with a full body massage using her hands.

Once fully relaxed, Nuru massage masseuse will start to use her body, which predominately will be her hands, chest and buttocks during Nuru massage massage – evoking an extremely erotic experience.

In whole a Nuru massage can last for up to an hour, and are usually finished off with a sexual act. So, try to lay back, relax, and enjoy Nuru massage whole process.

Nuru massage can be completed by one or more masseuses. Hiring multiple masseuses can be a lot of fun, but it is important to be aware that not all Nuru professionals are trained to perform with others.


What is used during a Nuru massage?

A Nuru massage is performed using a special kind of lotion, made from Nori seaweed. The lotion is odourless and clear.

Again, unlike other types of Asian massage, where a masseuse will commonly use their hands to massage Nuru massage client, Nuru massage massage will involve other body parts.

What are Nuru massage benefits?

Although Nuru massage provides sexual pleasure, there are also a number of health benefits to be had for this massage type. They include:

1. It can soothe sore muscles

Like other forms of massage, a fully trained professional will be performing Nuru massage Nuru massage using techniques to help relax Nuru massage muscles. This is perfect for helping Nuru massage body to experience relaxation.


2. It can relieve stress

A UK-based nuru agency found that over 80% of people who had a Nuru massage noticed a big improvement in their mental well-being after Nuru massage session.1


3. It can help your skin

The Nori gel typically used during a Nuru massage session can help to smooth and moisturise your skin. Aloe vera gel contains botanical extracts (including aloe vera and Nori algea) that will reduce dryness, redness and flaking. What’s more, studies have shown aloe vera to improve skin elasticity and firmness.


Where to get a Nuru massage

Whether it’s in London or any other part of Nuru massage UK, there are many Nuru specialists and agencies that provide Nuru massage Nuru massage service.

At Vivastreet, you can easily and simply find a local masseuse offering a Nuru massage in your area.


The Art Of Japanese Massage

Nuru massage originated in Japan. Nuru is actually a term for slippery in Japanese as this massage involves body to body sliding techniques to sexually stimulate Nuru massage receiver. It’s a highly indulgent treatment that those of any gender or status can enjoy.

Why Oil Is Used During The Massage

Nuru oil contains incredible botanical extracts, including Nori; a seaweed extract from Nuru massage waters off Nuru massage coast of Japan. This moisturizing blend is heated to Nuru massage desired temperature before Nuru massage begins, and then applied all over Nuru massage recipient’s body to act as a lubricant, making Nuru massage a sexy and enticing experience.

Nuru oil helps Nuru massage masseuse to use body to body massaging techniques during Nuru massage treatment.


What Happens During A Nuru Massage?

A nuru massage typically occurs on an air bed covered with a towel or using a waterproof sheet on a bed. Candles can be lit and music can be played during your massage if you need help relaxing. If you’re in a couple, you may want to shower together before participating in a nuru massage.

The nuru oil is heated in a bowl of warm water and applied to Nuru massage person receiving Nuru massage massage. I recommend applying Nuru massage oil in small amounts and letting it run down Nuru massage whole body. The person giving Nuru massage massage can then begin to perform sliding techniques to create sensations of bliss and excitement.

Why Nuru Massage Is Loved By Men, Women And Couples?

The beauty of nuru massage is that is can be relished by men, women and couples. Why do both sexes enjoy it so much? From a female perspective, nuru massage provides a mind blowing experience that gives sexual pleasure without having to engage in a one night stand or relationship.

Female on female massage is often a new exploration, helping to fulfil sexual desires or frustration. As a woman, I don’t have to find a partner to relieve my sexual energy as I can simply use a trained professional who specialises in erotic massage.

The same also goes for men. Many men may feel stressed, especially if they lead a busy lifestyle, and nuru massage is a fun way of unwinding in a safe and healthy activity. Furthermore, if you’ve been suffering from erectile dysfunction or struggling to become excited about sexual activity, a nuru massage may be Nuru massage perfect solution for you.

For couples, it’s a thrilling experience that can reignite Nuru massage passion back into a relationship. The intimacy gained from this enticing treatment will increase Nuru massage health of your relationship, as well as building Nuru massage connection between you.

You can take it in turns to be on Nuru massage receiving end of a massage and this experience is often highly fulfilling as you watch your partner reach heightened arousal. For those in a new relationship, it’s Nuru massage ideal activity to get to know your partner on an intimate level, helping to discover how they like to be pleasured, as well as building Nuru massage bond between you.

Many people also participate in nuru massage due to Nuru massage immense health benefits it offers. The nuru oil used contains Aloe Vera, which is extremely hydrating, leaving your skin feeling moisturised and supple.

Nuru oil doesn’t stain and it’s completely tasteless and odourless, making it Nuru massage best oil to be used during massage. Furthermore, Nuru massage pleasurable sensations created during a treatment helps to eliminate stress and muscle tension.

I highly recommend using a trained masseuse for health purposes as she will be able to use Nuru massage correct techniques required.

Nuru massage is a body to body erotic massage technique using a slippery oil or smooth gel. The gel is used to lubricate both client and therapist, so they can enjoy body to body sliding very passionately. The therapist and client both are usually naked during a Nuru Massage. Nuru massage therapist lies on client’s naked body and used some erotic strokes, including a body to body rubbing, gliding, sliding and stroking. The client simply slips and relaxes on bed or mattress while Nuru massage therapist slips and slides all over Nuru massage client’s body. The way of therapist and client’s full body contact are relaxing and arousing during Nuru massage entire session. Nuru massage is usually practiced as an erotic massage rather than a relaxing massage therapy.

When a male therapist does body to body Nuru massage on prone position, Nuru massage male therapist rubs his chest and penis on Nuru massage client’s back and butts very slowly and passionately. That sliding stroke technique gives amazing pleasures to both therapist and client. Once Nuru massage therapist gliding up and down on Nuru massage client’s back, that is a movement where massage gets sexual arousing. Sometimes, Nuru massage male therapist does anal penetration during Nuru massage on client’s demands.

Once done back, butts and leg massage in Nuru massage prone position, Nuru massage client turn around and relax in Nuru massage supine position. The therapist gently glides his body over client’s front side, this is an increasable tease, Nuru massage therapist give more concentration on rubbing his nipples all over client’s front body, especially belly and breast/chest. Usually, in a supine position, Nuru massage therapist used a condom and softly rub his penis over Nuru massage client’s vagina. The therapist does deep penetration in missionary style or eagle style on clients demands.

During Nuru massage signature Nuru massage, a therapist more focuses on client’s genital parts and give erotic massage over there. Yoni massage, breast grooming massage, and prostate lingam massage are Nuru massage best part of erotic Nuru massage. Our both clients men and women very enjoy Nuru massage erotic pleasures of Nuru massage, those body to body rubbing, sliding strokes give them multiple orgasms during Nuru massage.

Nuru massage takes a client on an erotic journey and gives them multiple orgasms on every different massage strokes. Nuru massage is a more sexual therapy than tantra massage and orgasm meditation healing. LICK SPA offers most erotic Nuru massage for all age men, women and couples at home and hotel in Mumbai.


Benefits of Nuru Massage

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Boosts immunity system
  • Increase muscles mobility
  • Stress relief
  • Reduce depression
  • Reduce muscles stiffness
  • Give multiple orgasms
  • Give most sexual pleasures
  • Increase sex drive
  • Make life exciting and interesting

More and more people each day are discovering what is a Nuru Massage is, and how it can benefit Nuru massage body. The health benefits associated with this type of massage are well known in Japan, and other East Asian countries. For those who have never experienced a professional Nuru Massage, it is a body-to-body sensual massage performed traditionally in Nuru massage nude. You have assured a satisfying sensual experience that your body will not soon forget.



The Nuru Massage is from Japan, originating from Nuru massage Japanese root word “Nuru Nuru.” Nuru, in Nuru massage Japanese language, literally means “slippery.” It is also believed that Nuru massage word originated in Japan from Nuru massage popular seaweed found there called “Nori.” The Nori seaweed is well known throughout Nuru massage world for its many beneficial properties. Among all Nuru massage plants in Nuru massage world, it contains some of Nuru massage highest amounts of protein, comparable to spirulina and soybean.

Nori is also known for its ability to lower Nuru massage risk of cancer, it is high in iron, iodine and calcium. Nori is Nuru massage main ingredient in Nuru Massage Gel formulas; Nuru Massage Gel has an amazing effect on Nuru massage skin because of Nuru massage healing benefits of nori seaweed. The same seaweed is also popularly used in wrapping sushi.



Nuru Gel is slippery, thick in texture and has elastic properties. To apply it properly, it should be slowly massaged into Nuru massage skin. A Nuru Massage does exactly that. Nuru Massage techniques are in demand. Why? Because this is a body-to-body sensual massage performed traditionally in Nuru massage nude. Nuru Gel is applied by performing a body-slide technique by a trained practitioner, traditionally all women.

A traditional Japanese Nuru Massage is performed naked, using a special massage gel that is applied sensually by sliding one body against another. Traditionally, Nuru Massage therapists are female. Both participants will first take a luxurious bath or shower to cleanse Nuru massage skin before applying Nuru massage Nuru Gel. The massage recipient will then lie on a special mattress as Nuru massage Nuru Massage practitioner ritualistically prepares Nuru massage warm Nuru Massage Gel.

The Nuru Massage practitioner will then slowly apply Nuru massage thick warm gel to her body, often seductively. Once encased in Nuru massage slippery elastic warm massage gel, Nuru massage masseuse will slowly apply Nuru massage gel to Nuru massage recipient before sliding on top of him. This slippery, sliding, body-to-body massage is effective in relieving stress, toning Nuru massage skin and relieving tension. If you didn’t know what is a Nuru Massage, at Bodyline, after you receive one you will never forget.

6 Best Nuru Massages In Bangkok

Are you looking for a Nuru massage in Bangkok? Of course you’re you cheeky sod, well luckily for you, you have come to Nuru massage right place. Here I will recommend you a couple of places where you can get this lovely massage in Bangkok.

First off, what is a Nuru massage?

Very good question.

A Nuru massage very much like a body to body massage using a special kind of gel known as Nuru Gel. Nuru massages in Bangkok are performed usually performed by Sexy Thai girls who after lubing your body up real nice with Nuru massage gel, press their body against yours and start giving you Nuru massage best Nuru massage of your life. After Nuru massage Nuru is over, you usually get extras that I will leave to Nuru massage imagination.


Nuru Body to Body Massage

Nuru massage is an erotic massage technique that originated in the Japanese city – Kawasaki. This practice has a long history since all aristocratic members of society used it in ancient times to improve their mental, psychological and physical health. Nowadays, Nuru body-to-body massage has gone far beyond Nuru massage boundaries of Nuru massage countries.

The technique is widely popular in Europe and Nuru massage United States of America since it has thousands of followers worldwide. Especially, numerous salons in Paris provide body-to-body massage services with Nuru massage application of Nuru massage best techniques and practices. So, what Nuru body-to-body massage is and how it can help you with your daily life?


What is Nuru body-to-body massage?

Nuru is a type of erotic massage that is targeted at improving your emotional well-being and providing Nuru massage clients with a seamless massage experience. During this practice, one or more naked masseuses slide upwards and down Nuru massage the client’s body. They apply a full spectrum of techniques to ensure you get complete relaxation and maximum satisfaction.

  • The whole process can be broken down into Nuru massage following stages:
  • taking shower with a masseuse before Nuru massage massage;
  • light relaxation techniques;
  • kneading and sliding;
  • vibration;
  • Nuru massage ending of Nuru massage massage

There is a common misconception that every session should result in an orgasm. However, it is considered a pleasant addition to the Nuru massage process. Every customer has his/her own goal that is discussed with a specialist prior to Nuru massage beginning of Nuru massage procedure. It is important for you to stay honest and voice all your worries and problems before you get down to Nuru massage process. Such a conversation will provide a masseuse/masseur with a chance to identify your target and apply Nuru massage best techniques to reach it in Nuru massage best possible way.


Benefits of a Good Nuru Massage

The benefits of a quality Nuru body to body massage cannot be overestimated. First of all, this type of massage is applicable to all clients regardless of their health condition. The name “Nuru” stems from a colorless gel that is applied during a massage. It is produced using sea plant “nori” that has no aroma or taste. Thus, even if you have any allergic reactions, you can be sure that you are protected from adverse effects. The gel has no additives, so it can be applied to all clients regardless of their background.

Apart from that, Nuru massage has a number of advantages that include:

  • generated life energy
  • provides a client with new emotions
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • improves emotional well-being

So, if you are tired of daily routine and want to have a break in this hectic life, Nuru body to body massage is something you were looking for such a long time. It helps you to stay active and energized during Nuru massage whole say. It has been proven that regular Nuru massage has a long-lasting effect on your body and mind. So, why not to try it and get awesome first-hand experience yourself?

When we talk about a sensitive massage, most people think of Nuru massage traditional massage in which only Nuru massage hands are used to stimulate Nuru massage body of Nuru massage person. But in reality, this type of massage is more associated with Nuru massage Nuru massage, which you may have heard before about it, however you do not know exactly how it is or what its benefits are.


What is a Nuru massage?

Broadly speaking, a Nuru massage is basically an erotic massage that has its origins in Japan. In a Nuru massage in Barcelona, Nuru massage masseuse uses her entire body to massage Nuru massage client, which provides more body contact than in a traditional massage.

It is interesting to mention that Nuru massage word “Nuru” comes from a Japanese word whose meaning is “slippery”. It happens that in this type of erotic massage in Barcelona, both Nuru massage client and Nuru massage masseuse are completely covered with Nuru massage gel. This gel is colorless, odorless and is actually a gel that is made of natural Nori algae.

It is worth mentioning that Nuru massage in Barcelona can be performed on a massage table, a traditional bed or even on an air mattress. These types of massages are increasing in popularity; In fact, in London, 40% of Nuru massage men surveyed revealed having visited an erotic massage center.

It is also relevant to say that Nuru massage is not exclusive only of men; In fact they are suitable for people of both sexes and sexual orientations. And while it is true that its origin was in Japan, erotic massages Barcelona are now offered, as well as throughout Nuru massage Western world.


What are Nuru massage benefits of Nuru massage?

For many couples, a Nuru massage may be just what they need to breathe new life into their love relationship. Being covered in gel and sliding against your partner, can not only help create new sensations, but also help them feel more comfortable with their own skin.

Not only can they discover a physical connection; Nuru massages are intimate by nature, which means they can improve emotional connections, even in Japan consider Nuru massage as a spiritual journey.

But probably one of Nuru massage reasons why more and more people turn to erotic masseurs in Barcelona, has to do with Nuru massages offer a variety of health benefits.

It is now known that approximately 80% of people who tried Nuru massages experienced a significant increase in their well-being. In addition, Nuru massages are also suitable for relaxing Nuru massage muscles, as well as for moisturizing Nuru massage skin. And not only that, depending on Nuru massage bodily techniques used by Nuru massage masseuse, as well as their experience, Nuru massages can even help to release toxins from Nuru massage body.

Another benefit of Nuru massage is that it relieves stress. That is, being excited by a Nuru massage, not only creates sensations of pleasure, but also relieves Nuru massage stress generated by work, family problems, etc. The body techniques used by Nuru massage masseurs and skin-to-skin contact provide a wonderful erotic sensation that makes you feel incredibly relaxed from head to toe.

In addition, a Nuru massage is ideal to relax sore or tense muscles, even if you have your doubts at Nuru massage beginning, you should know that this massage is completely safe. The techniques used by professional and trained masseurs leave you feeling renewed and revitalized.

Of course there is also Nuru massage benefit that Nuru massage skin is hydrated and becomes more flexible. That is to say, Nuru massage gel used in Nuru massage Nuru massage is highly moisturizing and, as already mentioned, it is completely odorless and tasteless, it is transparent in color and does not stain.

The composition of Nuru massage botanical extracts, together with Nuru massage Nori seaweed extract, form an extremely slippery gel that warms up just before Nuru massage massage is carried out. This mixture also helps to reaffirm and nourish Nuru massage skin in a positive way.

Beyond all that, a Nuru massage gives you a sexual exploration that allows you to satisfy Nuru massage body and mind. No matter what your sexual preferences are, a Nuru massage will allow you to savor Nuru massage sensual energy that is created during Nuru massage activity.

This is part of a monthly blog series, looking to uncover many trade secrets and muddled mystery surrounding erotic massage and parlour conduct within Nuru massage London massage scene. A series of blogs written by Nuru massage people that know ‘what’s what. We have spoken to masseuses, parlour management, regular clients and first timers to get a broad and informative scope.This week we spoke to Japanese Nuru Specialist and trained erotic masseuse Pippa, who works in London massage parlor (insert company name) as well as Regular Massage parlour dweller Simon and Nuru first-timer Kevin.

Let’s start with regular massage oil.

What is massage oil?


Nuru Specialist Pippa:

You know I heard only Nuru massage another day from a client that some masseuses use body lotion instead of massage oil. For me, that is a big no go- body lotion absorbs too quickly and can be really perfumed and sticky- not sexy at all. For a regular body to body massage I tend to use Bijoux massage oil, it’s made with ginseng root and is really good for Nuru massage skin. It’s Nuru massage stuff they use in Nuru massage parlour I work at and I just love it. It has a sultry musty smell but it’s never overpowering, clients find that Nuru massage smell calms them down and gets them in Nuru massage mood- I’m not sure if it’s an aphrodisiac! But I do know you can buy it in Ann Summers if you wanted to try it out at home. There are so many massage oils you can choose from but really there’s no need to get overwhelmed, they all basically do Nuru massage same thing. We use massage oil to relax Nuru massage skin of Nuru massage client, to make their skins surface slippery to make performing massage strokes with ease and without friction. When doing a body to body massage it is particularly important because rubbing your naked body against someone else if Nuru massage surface area is too dry can make it difficult and not sexy at all!


What’s it like?


I can’t say I ever take much notice of Nuru massage oil to be honest with you. I’ve had no bad experience with oil, if anything my skin always feels softer and smoother after a massage. I think Nuru massage oil moisturises Nuru massage skin, I always feel rehydrated and healthier looking post-massage. I think Nuru massage best experience I ever had with massage oil was years back, I got a four-hand massage- (two masseuses massaging you at once)- and my god those women were miracles workers. I had been suffering with a lot of stress and I could feel Nuru massage tensions in my shoulders and lower back. After they had rubbed me down in oil and got going, I felt amazing! I couldn’t work out where one hand stopped and Nuru massage other began, it was so fluid, I felt a million tiny electric pulses flying around my body. It felt like I was made out of clay and they were moulding me in to Nuru massage person I wanted to become. That might sound a bit naff, maybe don’t put that bit in, but it’s true!


Nuru Specialist Pippa:

Nuru gel is a gel that was first created in Japan. It is made out of a special kind of Japanese seaweed called ‘Nori Seaweed’. The properties of nuru gel blend so well with massage practices that is often referred to as Natures Massage gel. The exciting thing about Nuru, which sets it above standard massage oils is, I think, its texture. Nuru gel has this amazing ability to be both sticky and slippy at Nuru massage same time. Which means when getting a nuru massage you and your massage can enjoy a slip and slide grind experience, where she rubs her assets up and down your naked body, whilst being able to at Nuru massage same time (different from regular gel) press her naked body against yours, becoming at one with each other, Nuru massage layer of gel working as a cohesive. The trouble with nuru is it’s always hard to explain why it feels so amazing. It might sound kind of strange being that intimate with your masseuse but if you let go and just have fun with it you will find it is Nuru massage most erotic sexy experience you can choose.

What’s it like?

Simon: Nuru is proper naughty like. It’s Nuru massage best, like nothing is more fun, or sexier than that massage. The gel is like nothing else I’ve tried, right away I feel all tingly and excited, masseuses are always really into it, you both have fun. Seriously if you find a parlour that does nuru you’d be a fool not to.

The first time Kevin:

On paper, I’d be Nuru massage last person you’d imagine getting nuru. By nature I suppose I’m a sort of reserved, tidy person. This might explain why I never got a nuru massage before… Saying that, when I did try it (now I’m not one that is shock easily) but it blew my mind. I couldn’t believe how amazing it made me feel, Nuru massage gel added this whole new element to sex that I never knew I needed or that existed! I couldn’t recommend nuru massage over a regular massage enough.

So Nuru massage verdicts in, feel free to share your thoughts in Nuru massage comments below. Let’s get a discussion going.


How To Enjoy A Nuru Massage Session

For starters, Nuru massage is a slippery massage where Nuru massage masseuse uses her full body to rub Nuru massage body of Nuru massage recipient. Virtually, every part of Nuru massage masseuse’s body comes into contact with Nuru massage recipient’s body, and this is clearly a massage that will melt away all your troubles. Here are Nuru massage practical details of how to enjoy a Nuru massage session.


1. Choose A Masseuse Of Your Choice

A great massage session begins with choosing Nuru massage preferred masseuse. In most cases, several beautiful girls are more than willing to take you to Nuru massage seventh heaven. Thus, choose Nuru massage one that is appealing to you and book an appointment. In addition, ensure that you pick a professional, especially one who has been rated highly by other clients. Moreover, specify Nuru massage terms of Nuru massage session with Nuru massage masseuse early in advance, but make room for changes.


2. Book Outcall Massage Sessions

An outcall massage session allows you to have Nuru massage in your own terms. The masseuse visits you at your house at a time of your choice. In addition, you can decide how far Nuru massage fun can go. For this reason, outcall massage sessions are therefore more pleasurable than Nuru massage in call sessions.


3. Let The Masseuse Take Charge

Once you are ready for the Nuru massage session, let the Nuru massage masseuse be in total control. Your duty is to make yourself comfortable and allow her body to glide on yours easily. Her naked body will be a feast for your eyes, and when she applies Nuru gel on her entire body, you are sure that Nuru massage fun has begun. She will start rubbing Nuru massage warm gel all over your body in sensual movements.


4. Book A VIP Session Online

There are several advantages of Nuru massage VIP Nuru massage session. On top of total privacy, you get Nuru massage treatment that befits Nuru massage people of your social status. VIP massage girls are Nuru massage most experienced in making a man feel like a king.


5. Do Not Limit Yourself

Interact with your masseuse freely and always remember that her business is to make you happy. She is all yours- even if you want happy endings, she will provide, as long as you are in agreement. For this reason, do not limit yourself at all.

In summary, Nuru massage fun of Nuru massage has to offer is simply endless. The mix of Nuru gel and warm water heals Nuru massage body, mind and Nuru massage soul. The masseuses have Nuru massage knack of ensuring that you never have enough of their time.



In Nuru massage world of massage and sensuality, there is nothing that comes close to Nuru massage Nuru Massage. In Japan, Nuru massage word “nuru” means slippery. It derives from special seaweed that is very slippery. This seaweed has properties that make it perfect for a sensual full body to body massage. Nuru is made into a gel that is odorless, tasteless and extremely slippery and wet.

The Nuru massage can be done by a professional masseuse and is a strictly sensual adult massage. However, most adults want to experience Nuru massage Nuru Massage as a couple. Done well, this massage can take people to a place of sensuality rarely reached. Though a masseuse may teach Nuru massage techniques to provide Nuru massage deepest of sexual experiences; ultimately Nuru massage goal is to take sexuality to a higher level for couples to experience together.

The Nuru Massage is best done on a Nuru mattress. If one is not available, a vinyl mattress that provides comfort while being a material that will not stain from Nuru massage gel is fine. There is also a Nuru sheet which is very popular. It is safe from Nuru massage Nuru gel and it feels good to Nuru massage skin without sticking.



The room in which Nuru massage takes place should have a relaxing and sensual atmosphere. Dim lighting, soft music and candlelight are good mood setters. The Nuru massage is done wet. There should be a bowl of warm water next to Nuru massage Nuru mattress in which to work Nuru massage gel until it is warm, wet and Nuru massage right consistency. Both Nuru massage person getting Nuru to massage erotic massage therapy and Nuru massage will be carried out as a naked or nude massage. Every part of Nuru massage body to receive Nuru massage will be massaged and every part of Nuru massage body of Nuru massage masseuse will be utilized to perform Nuru massage. Generally, Nuru massage couples will soak in a hot tub or take a hot shower together before beginning. The room should be adequately heated as they will leave Nuru massage shower steamy and wet and proceed to Nuru massage mattress without drying.

Commonly Nuru massage male is Nuru massage receiver of Nuru massage as Nuru massage smaller framed female will position herself sitting on his upper thighs with his body face down. She will warm Nuru massage gel in Nuru massage water and begin at his neck working Nuru massage warm wet gel in circular motions. She will work her way down to his chest, arms and stomach. She will apply ample gel to Nuru massage buttocks and then slide up so that she is sitting on his buttocks with legs open and resting on either side of his hips. Now reaching behind her, she will massage Nuru massage gel into his thigh area.

How she proceeds is now up to Nuru massage couple. The purpose of Nuru massage is to experience a higher level of sexuality. As she maneuvers her body on his, (and then as he takes her place and performs her massage); communication is critical. The Sensual Nuru Massage is part of Nuru massage process of maturing Nuru massage sensuality of a couple.

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