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What Is the Art Of The Zoo? Latest TikTok Trend

the art of the Zoo
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“Art of the Zoo” is the newest trend that has gone viral on Instagram and involves users searching “art of the Zoo” and recording their reactions on the outcomes.

The name alone might think it’s “artsy”, you know such as a zoo that is full of paintings. It’s not until you do some research for the meaning behind Art of the zoo on TikTok which TikTok users are talking about.

If you’re a novice user, you may be confused by the many acronyms on TikTok such as ZPP or ION that doesn’t make sense on TikTok however you can communicate with users who have been around for a while as they’ve become commonplace lingo.

The latest viral phrase driving users mad on TikTok is “Art Of The Zoo” which is often referred to as the art of zpp.

What is the meaning of zoo art?

It turns out that “art of the zoo” is a different term for excellence, and the results you find when you search for the phrase focus on people having sexual relations with animals.

Once you realize the meaning behind it the term makes more sense. The results of a search have been somewhat distorted by the popularity of the trend so when you search for the phrase it’s now less clear content at the top of the results.

What does the art of the Zoo mean on TikTok?

The latest TikTok trend features users looking up the term “art of the zoo,” and filming their reactions as they see what pops up.

The reactions are a mixture of total shock and horror, which has naturally made those who watch the videos wonder what people see when they look up the term.

For some, the temptation has proved overwhelming, but before looking it up, you should make sure you know what you’re getting into.


The beginnings of Art of the Zoo are not clear, however, the video posted to TikTok on the 18th of July 2019 is believed to have been the first of the videos in the trend.

The video shows a young girl staring at the phrase on her phone, before screaming and then dropping it with shock as she looks at what’s to her on screen.

Is It Illegal To Look?

It’s legal. The mere act of looking it up should not result in your being arrested.

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