What Is The pH Of A 3.4×10-8 M HClO4 Solution At Room Temperature?

what is the ph of a 3.4 × 10-8 M HClO^4 solution at room temperature

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Que.1 what is the ph of a 3.4×10-8 m hclo4 solution at room temperature?

  1. 7.0
  2. 7.4        «   right option
  3. 5.3
  4. 6.9


Solution: Before solution, you need to know how to calculate pH value and what is the furmulas to calculate it.

First you need to know:

1. what is pH Value?

Answer: pH is the negative log of the hydronium (H3O^1+or (H^+ion consideration.


Formula To Find Out pH value:

[su_box title=”Formula” style=”glass” box_color=”#3a5a66″]






2. pH Range:

After the pH Value you should know the range of pH value by which you can catagorised Acidic, Neutral and Base Acids.

So, the range of Acid, Base and Neutrals are:

  • Acid       =  0 – 7
  • Neutral = 7
  • Base       =  7 -14

Now, lets come on solution of the problem after basic study, so calculate it.

The molecular weight of Hclo4 is 3.4 × 10-8 M – Given

∴ pH = -log(H^+), then Here H has only 1 molecule so,

pH = -log(1*(3.4 × 10-8))

calculate the value = -(-7.46852108296)

   = 7.4 Answer

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