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What Should You Know About Site Spidering?

What Should You Know About Site Spidering
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According to a recent BrightEdge report, about 68% of online experiences start with SEO nowadays. That’s why conducting SEO for websites is so important. Search engine optimization can’t be done without a qualitative audit of an online source. 

Experts advise holding site spidering by employing specific applications. For instance, website owners highly prefer Spider by Netpeak Software. So, let’s look closer at the key features of site spidering using this app.

What Possibilities Does Netpeak Spider Offer Its Users?

Initially, the ability to test virtual robots.txt should be noted. The fact is that website holders often face difficulties when using the mentioned files set up for certain purposes. That’s because even a little mistake made within the customization process can lead to SE bots stopping to scan your website pages.

High-quality site spidering solutions like the one by Netpeak Software allow for checking robots.txt before adding them to the root directory of an online source. This assists in avoiding a multitude of probable issues.

Text Content Spellcheck Using Site Spidering

Netpeak Spider not only highlights misspellings but also suggests the correct variants to use. This option allows you to check the following parameters on your website:

  • text content posted directly on the website pages (body);
  • picture alt attributes;
  • H1–H6 headers, description, and title.

The spelling check function applies to language packs installed on your PC. Furthermore, you can create a list of words to ignore and employ it as part of spell-checking.

Capability to Analyze and Generate Sitemaps

Spider by Netpeak Software uses an in-built XML validator to conduct such checks. By employing the feature, you may quickly find all the sitemaps and discover the available errors (e.g., missing sitemaps in the robots.txt). Moreover, the site spidering tool can generate sitemaps in TXT, XML, and HTML.

Possibility to Scan Several Different Websites Simultaneously

This feature is especially helpful for those who need to match competitors’ online platforms. Qualitative site spidering software, such as Netpeak Spider, allows for comprehensive customization of the data collection process. Such applications also deliver web scraping results in a form convenient for further analysis.

Ability to Create Your Templates

Sometimes, scanning everything about the website isn’t necessary. If one has to conduct selective spidering regularly, it may be quite inconvenient to set up SEO-checking software every time before launching tests. To simplify such processes, Netpeak Spider offers the ability to come up with checking templates. Just customize the scanning process once and use the pattern for further audits.

How Expensive Is It to Conduct Site Spidering Using SEO Scanning Solutions?

Reliable vendors, such as Netpeak Software, offer several tariff plans to satisfy the needs of clients with different financial capabilities. Moreover, trustworthy site-spidering application providers frequently propose lifetime subscriptions to users. For instance, at, you can get a subscription starting at $7 per user per month.

Finally, credible vendors always provide free trials to test their digital products. Netpeak Software proposes site spidering services using up to 200 threads as part of the Spider pilot period. Thus, you can check your website at the same speed as paid users. So, pick site-spidering tools wisely, and good luck!

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