Where Is Western Watch Drustvar Location In Drustvar Wow?

Western Watch isn’t found throughout the primary quest-line, as this is among the most difficult places to see if finishing the “Drustvar Explorer” and the “Battle for Azeroth Explorer” accomplishments. Located on the island found in the northwestern corner of this map, this can be quite easily overlooked.

First We Understand The Drustvar. Where It Is Situated?

How to get to western watch in Drustvar? Drustvar is the westernmost region of Kul Tiras. Heavily forested and mountainous, Drustvar is more inhospitable than neighboring lands and produces most of the kingdom’s ore as well as some of its toughest warriors.

Drustvar is a forested, mountainous area. It was once occupied by a kingdom of vrykul called the Drust. When humans arrived on Kul Tiras, they slew the Drust and took the area as their own. The Drust created stone golems in their war with the settlers. The human armies, led by House Waycrest, researched their magic and created the Order of Embers to counter it.

In the present day, Drustvar is controlled by the Lord and Lady of House Waycrest, who have gone suspiciously absent. In their absence, Drustvar’s contributions of arms (and sausages) have begun to dry up. The Alliance is working with their Kul Tiran allies to get to the bottom of the mystery, as well as the curse over the land.


Now You Can Understand The Drustvar Western Watch Exploration Locations:

You will need the Drustvar Western Watch explorer achievement to complete the Battle for Azeroth explorer achievement.

western watch drustvar location wow:

ID Subzone Coordinates
1 Western Watch 19.36 8.83
2 Waycrest Manor 33.78 13.26
3 Corlain 28.48 27.42
4 Crimson Forest 25.51 54.10
5 Highroad Pass 44.76 37.44
6 Arom’s Stand 36.76 48.89
7 Fallhaven 56.97 33.90
8 Carver’s Harbor 64.94 31.58
9 Barrowknoll Cemetery 61.19 44.73
10 Gol Koval 58.99 66.66
11 Fletcher’s Hollow 67.46 67.31
12 Iceveil Glacier 50.41 73.13



Where is Western Watch in Drustvar?

If you’re having difficulty finding Western Watch, it’s a small island northwest of Whitegrove Chapel, or directly west of Waycrest Manor. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see the lighthouse.


Where is highroad pass Drustvar?

Highroad Pass Explore Drustvar is one of BfA’s achievements. You need to explore Highroad Pass Drustvar’s new Battle for Azeroth zone on Kul Tiras isle. You can buy the World of Warcraft MMORPG virtual game at the official Blizzard website.


How do I get to Drustvar Shadowlands?

Complete a request:

  • Zuldazar selects from the map.
  • The War Campaign – speak with Nathanos Blightcaller nearby.
  • The Kul Tiras Campaign – select Drustvar.
  • Foothold: Drustvar.
  • A Trip Across the Ocean.
  • Drustvar Ho! – now you can go to the Ulfar location.
  • Speak with Dread-Admiral Tattersail on the ship and sail to Drustvar.

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