Why does My Phone say SOS Only?

Why Does My Phone Say SOS Only (1)

Do you have your mobile phone, just to be invited by the upsetting message “SOS Only” on your screen? Furthermore, let us discuss the things behind a Phone says SOS only.

What Does SOS Means?

“SOS” means “Save Our Spirits” or “Crisis Just,” and it implies that your mobile can settle on crisis decisions.

This message is when your mobile can’t confirm itself on the organization, keeping you from utilizing ordinary cell administrations.

Reasons behind “SOS Only” Error:


The following are the reasons behind a phone’s error showing SOS only:

1. No Organization Inclusion:

One of the most well-known purposes behind this blunder is that your mobile is in a space with poor or no organization inclusion. Finding a sufficient sign to interface with a cell organization will likely be impossible.

2. SIM Card Issues:

A defective or inappropriately embedded SIM card can prompt the “SOS Only” message. Ensure your SIM card is accurately embedded into the SIM plate and not harmed.

3. Network Lock or Transporter Limitations:

If your mobile is locked to a particular transporter, utilizing a SIM card from another transporter might result in an “SOS In particular” message. You might have to open your mobile or contact your transporter for help to determine this.

4. Charging or Record Issues:

At times, network availability issues can emerge because of neglected bills or record issues with your versatile transporter. Guarantee that your record is on favorable terms to avoid disturbances in assistance.

5. Programming and Updates:

Obsolete programming or forthcoming programming updates can likewise cause availability issues. Staying up with the latest can assist with settling this issue.

6. IMEI Boycott:

On the off chance that your mobile is accounted for as lost or taken and hence boycotted by a transporter, it will show the “SOS Only” message. For this situation, you should contact your transporter to determine the issue.

7. Network Blockage:

In packed regions or during top utilization times, network blockage can briefly limit your mobile’s admittance to the organization. It can result in the “SOS Only” blunder until network conditions move along.

Settling the “SOS Only” Mistake:

Why does My Phone say SOS Only

Now that we’ve recognized the normal reasons for the “SOS Only” blunder, we should investigate the means you can take to determine it:

1. Look at Organization Inclusion:

Guarantee that you are in a space with adequate organization inclusion. If you’re in a remote or country area, you might have to move to an area with better gathering.

2. Restart your Mobile:

Some of the time, a straightforward restart can determine network issues. Switch your mobile off, stand by a couple of moments, and afterward walk out.

3. Examine your SIM card:

Eliminate and reinsert your SIM card to guarantee it’s appropriately situated in the SIM plate. On the off chance that your SIM card is harmed, contact your transporter for a substitution.

4. Check Transporter Similarity:

On the off chance that you’ve, as of late, exchanged SIM cards or transporters, ensure your mobile is viable with the new transporter’s organization. A few mobiles should be opened to work with an alternate transporter.

5. Take a Look at your Record Status:

Confirm that your versatile transporter account is on favorable terms and that there are no remarkable bills or record issues. Contact your transporter’s client service if necessary.

6. Update your Product:

Guarantee that your mobile’s working framework is state-of-the-art by checking for programming refreshes in your gadget settings. Introduce any suitable updates.

7. Contact your Transporter:

If nothing from what was just mentioned advances settles the issue, contact your versatile transporter’s client service for help. They can help you investigate and may have to reset your organization settings remotely.


Experiencing the “SOS Only” mistake on your cell phone can be disappointing, yet it’s typically a resolvable issue. By understanding the normal purposes for this blunder and following the means framed in this article, you can recover typical cell administration and forestall future disturbances.

Ensure to continuously look at your organization’s inclusion, guarantee your SIM card is accurately embedded and not harmed, and stay up-to-date. If the issue continues, go ahead and ask your portable transporter for help.

With these means, you’ll be better prepared to address the “SOS Only” mistake and remain associated when you want it most.

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