5 Reasons Why Dunkirk Is The Best Movie Ever Made

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Dunkirk is a war movie whose setting is 1940, during World War II. Dunkirk is the name of a French beach on which British and French troops were stranded during the war. The Nazi Germans surrounded the Allied troops on sea, air, and land. The movie narrates how the stranded soldiers were evacuated from the beach.

It is an intense World War II epic film, produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. That is a memento told from three different perspectives. Since the events on Dunkirk Beach took place on different temporalities, Christopher ensured that the film captured events at sea, on land, and in the air.

British civilians carried out the evacuation, and it was termed a miracle deliverance because the civilians didn’t get any assistance from the British Navy. The Allied soldiers might have survived without the Navy, but you sure need expert help with writing a college paper.

The core of the British army was stranded on that beach, and the Germans were seemingly winning; Great Britain would have had no choice but to surrender. That is a film that narrates an important event in history that shaped the world today, and Christopher did a remarkable job.

1. Unique Narration

Dunkirk is a film that deserves mentioning among the best war movies due to its unique narration. The plot does not follow the traditional war scene creation as Christopher – who’s known for mind-bending fantasies – took a different turn with it. The film is a historical epic that focuses on the events rather than the characters.

It showcases a stunning sequence that allows the viewer to feel like they’re reliving history. Since the movie mainly focuses on the mechanics of the situation, it’s a story of survival rather than courage or heroics. The movie was shot with IMAX cameras, and the clarity makes you feel like you’re there with the soldiers.

Dunkirk showcases incredible humanity, and even though the narration does not major on emotional baggage or personal relationships, you can feel empathy for the soldiers. Christopher has never done anything like this, and perhaps it’s because he was constrained by history.

Even so, the crafting is so perfect that it’s hard to believe it’s based off a true story. At first glance, it seems like focusing purely on the mechanics of the event is cold, but it gives the film a powerful and remarkable feeling. Christopher does not romanticize the war with tales of bravery or courage.

2. Triangulated Perspectives And Timelines

Another thing that makes Dunkirk unique is how Christopher plays with time. Since the evacuation took place on land, air, and sea, the film narrates the event through triangulated timelines. The seamless overplay as the scenes transition from the aerial combat, to the ship rescues and finally, getting soldiers off the beach is unmatched.

The first segment is, of course, the aerial combat, which has a time frame of one hour. The viewer feels like they are with the pilots trying to dodge bombs from the German Nazis.
The second segment is at sea, where civilian Brits answer to the call to rescue the soldiers.

During the war, the Navy could not assist because the waters were too shallow. This segment takes a day, and the film focuses on a man with his son and a young boy in a sweater vest.

The final scene is at the beach with soldiers trying everything to ensure they get off Dunkirk alive. For one week, the troops do whatever it takes – even floating out on a wrecked ship – to get home.

3. The Use Of Sound And Images To Transport The Viewer Back In Time


One thing that stands out in this film is how few the dialogs are. The movie focuses on using sound and images to transport you back in time. The sound effects used in this film are remarkable, and they give the scene a feel of reality. It feels like you could step into the screen and the battlefield.

The attention to detail allows Christopher to pull off a complicated structure from a seemingly simple story. Even though he does not tell the stories of individual soldiers, he uses images to ensure the different versions of history seamlessly mingle to create something human and intimate.

4. Dunkirk Is An Exhilarating Suspense Thriller

Even though the film is a reincarnation of a historical event, viewers can’t help but ask questions like “Will they get out”? or “Will they get killed by the next bomb”? That is an exhilarating suspense thriller that has the viewer at the edge of their seat the entire time.

Even though the film has the language of horror, it’s so thrilling that you don’t want to miss any action. So, you keep your eyes glued to the screen and hold your heart in your mouth.

With every scene, you are pulled in, and it feels like you are one of the soldiers, fighting for survival, hoping you don’t die. The whirlpool of tension is created by the desperation depicted by the state of affairs.

5. The Film Uses Action To Speak For Characters

The producers of the film invested in action rather than conversations. Christopher used actions to speak for the characters. The heroes in this film have no time to contemplate their actions.

The soldiers were exposed, and no one knew where the next bomb would hit. As you watch, you can feel the soldiers’ hunger to escape without them saying a word.

Dunkirk is a nerve-wracking film that takes you back in time through careful narration and attention to detail. Christopher Nolan uses a unique approach to bring out the humanity of a war that shaped the world as it is today.

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