Why Hollywood Celebrities Perform Well on Instagram Compared to Brands

Why Hollywood Celebrities Perform Well On Instagram Compared To Brands
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Hollywood celebs are popular and look stunning on Instagram photos and videos. Therefore, it is no wonder why actors from the tinsel town are smarter than brands on Instagram, the photo-sharing social media app today.

The obvious reason is that people like popular, pretty faces. Glamour and fame give celebs an edge over corporate brands on social media channels. That is why many businesses are using celebrity faces to endorse their products and services on these social platforms.

According to an article published on BBC, Dwayne Johnson tops the list on Instagram as the most valued Hollywood star. That is because Johnson is a famous wrestler and a popular actor after featuring in The Fast and the Furious franchise movies.


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Did you know Hollywood celebrities are also social popular influencers on social media channels like Instagram, promoting sports shoes to beverages? In this article, we will discuss some of the top reasons why Hollywood celebs perform better than brands on Instagram. Read on to learn more.


1. Celebs Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Celebs Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Celebs do funny things on social media because it comes easy to them. Both celebrities and brands inject humor into their Instagram posts, only famous people do it better. When it comes to brands, they may use humor but sometimes, learn the hard way. If you look at some of the funny faces of Hollywood actors, they do it right when it comes to delivery, audience, timing, and tone. Ryan Reynolds, for instance, is the funniest man on Instagram, the titillating Deadpool dude owning Aviation Gin.

The quick turnaround let Reynolds receive some good praises from celebs with a funny side to them, such as, Jonathan Van of Queer Eye, who said that it was the fastest, hilarious, as well as the best thing that could happen always.

If you have a business, you too can integrate some fun and humor into your Instagram posts to garner more likes and comments. Humor is a remarkable, authentic way to incorporate fun and some harmless amusement, likes, engagements, and comments.

Ryan’s Instagram posts have 8,932 comments and people view his posts more than 4.3 million times. Just imagine! The figures are extremely inspiring when it comes to Instagram marketing. Therefore, if you want to take your business branding to the next level, start following some of the top celebrity Instagram accounts, especially Hollywood actors and filmmakers. You will manage to buy 50 likes Instagram, initially, but can increase more in the future with more curated posts and user engagement.


2. A Pretty Face Makes Much Difference

Instagram is all about beautiful photos and videos, where people try to look stunning. The same rule holds when it comes to your favorite Hollywood hunks and damsels. As far as celeb actors and fashion models are concerned, they outsmart all on Instagram.

For instance, Anna Speckhart, who is a fashion model, has as much as 80k followers in a little time. The simple reason is her beautiful face on Instagram. Many celebs like her depend on the fast-forward IG feed and share curated photos to pique audience interest.

However, Instagram selfies are not just about looking pretty, as celebs do look stunning and plenty of glamour. Their face becomes popular on social media compared to businesses because people connect better with popular faces. It is as simple as that.

Based on the findings of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs, Instagram photos featuring popular faces will earn 38 percent more likes compared to other forms of content.


3. Celebrities Take Instagrammers Behind-the-scenes

Celebrities Take Instagrammers Behind-The-Scenes

The audience is always inquisitive about what is happening behind the stage or curtain. It is human instinct and celebs know how to use curiosity to their advantage to gain traction on Instagram.

Whether it is the backstage drama of the popular Oscar ceremony, or just the unfiltered glimpse of a celebrity’s life, or that of a singer, movie star, or model, audiences feel delighted with what is happening behind the scenes. Do you remember the well-liked coffee dance of Jonathan Van Ness, eh?

Businesses or brands can use these Instagram strategies while promoting their products or services. All you need to do is share some spontaneous, behind-the-scenes shots of lunch with your team, employees brainstorming creative ideas, or just normal conversation in their break timings.

As far as behind-the-scenes shots are concerned, they must not look curated and super perfect. You can share casual video clips of a normal working day. Moreover, you can give your social media followers a tour of your business event or exhibition to garner likes and comments.

These behind-the-scenes shots will let your followers that there are real people behind the business. When it comes to your Instagram posts, you need not share photos of your products or services all the time.



Hollywood celebrities use these smart ways to become popular on Instagram. They gain popularity because they have pretty faces and people know. Then, if you have a business, you need to use the best Instagram marketing strategies to boost online visibility.

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