Why‌ ‌Is‌ ‌Magento‌ ‌The‌ ‌Best‌ ‌B2B‌ ‌CMS?‌ ‌ ‌

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Choosing a B2B CMS (site content management system) is a key decision that will determine the conditions for the company’s development in the next few years. Switching to a new engine is a long and expensive process that will prove to be a serious obstacle to business development.

Therefore, if in 5-7 years a B2B company plans to enter other regions, it is necessary to make the platform multilingual and multi-currency, offer customers personalization and a huge range of goods, open dozens of warehouses that will serve hundreds of specialists – this must be taken into account today when choosing B2B CMS systems.

If the content management system was not initially designed for high traffic, personalization, or an assortment of hundreds of thousands of items, you will not be able to quickly add such modules later.

What is Magento?

Magento‌ ‌

The Magento was originally developed by Varien Inc., a privately held company based in California, USA. Numerous volunteers have also taken an active part in the ecommerce development company of the software.

Magento development managing multiple sites from a single interface. Among the features of the CMS, one can also highlight a pre-installed system for separating user rights, which is useful when working on a site in a team, and a built-in page builder. It makes editing content a little easier, but deep customization of the engine still requires special skills and time to study the documentation.

Combine quality and useful content with customer needs for a flawless brand experience. Manage your customer experience with the Magento commerce platform, create personalized content and promotions to continually improve your shopping experience.

Build an ecosystem of customer experiences with a complete set of business modules in a modern CMS.

Page Builder

The evolution of online sales processes requires access to powerful content creation tools for an online store in order to develop, test, and launch effective and selling content. Page Builder, a powerful CMS tool of the Magento b2b development for easy and fast drag-and-drop editing of site content, allows you to create a user-friendly interface yourself without creative restrictions and the need to involve developers.

Magento CMS Platform Advantages

1. Several Online Stores

The ability to create several online stores with a single management system from a common administrative panel

2. Flexible Product Catalog

Creation of a product card with detailed descriptions, characteristics, photos, and similar products

3. Great Functionality of the System

Multi-currency, multilingual, discounts, coupons, reports right inside the Magento CMS platform

4. Ready Integrations

Magento Commerce modules provide easy integration with e-commerce services, ERP and CRM systems, e-mail newsletter services, and various analytics systems.

Magento is a great solution for companies that have a standard business model and do not strive to constantly optimize and introduce new ideas. If, after a few years, new modules and processes are required (and this happens quite often in a changing market), this will entail a loss in performance and additional costs.

A strong competitor to the B2B eCommerce market, Magento 2 is a versatile and popular solution. The platform is focused on the B2B market, there is a free trial.


  • Average pricing policy.
  • Large partner network.
  • Good scalability, reliability, performance.
  • The Magento Business Intelligence model offers powerful business intelligence and SEO tools.
  • The required functionality for existing business processes can be implemented using extensions.
  • There are conditions for a quick start.

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