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Windows 11
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Hey! Are you a Microsoft windows lover, then we have a piece of good news for you that you may now test windows 11 through the first inside preview, but before this, you have to enroll in Microsoft inside the program?

When we talk about the preview, it is building 22000.51 that brings most of the windows 11, but along with this, the windows don’t feature the advanced Microsoft team integration or Android apps through the Microsoft store.

The new and advanced features have a revised settings menu with a determined navigation bar on the left side. Additionally, an updated file explorer with a unique and dynamic look, featuring more than four new and stylish themes- captured motion, Glow, sunrise, and flow along with some great sounds.

Generally speaking, redesigned notification center and the quick setting can be accessed through the following commanding keys:

  • Win + N for Notification center
  • Win + A for Quick setting

The new snap layouts and snap groups are the integral parts of the inside preview- additionally, the windows maximize button is also there to see the available layouts and designs. As the name suggests, snap groups let you snap/collect together a group of windows and quickly jump to them.

Microsoft also provides an insider a first and initial look at Microsoft office, specially designed for windows 11 with the best and dynamic clipped windows corner. While speaking of the version, there is also a new and advanced 64-bit office for ARM users to test.

Nowadays, it is easy enough for anyone to become a windows insider; it is recommended that you install the beta software on your main computer as there are bundles of know security issues and unknown threats.

Windows 11 has an indeterminate and difficult-to-follow notes/list of the supported hardware. Still, Microsoft has signaled to allow some of it for the insiders who have registered themselves before the deadline of June 24, 2021.


Some Additional Features:

When we talk about the features of windows 11, they are dynamic and attractive from the round corner to the center of the screen and new animations and layouts; this has a unique and visual design that extends across many areas of windows 11. So here in this article, let’s discuss some of the most dynamic features:

1. Start

Windows 11 - Start

Start option set everything for you on the home screen with pinned apps along with a powered “recommended” option that supports recently opened files from both your PC like your smart gadget on One Drive.


2. Taskbar


The taskbar is also updated and redesigned with some best and dynamic animations. Try launching, switching, and rearranging the apps on your taskbar to see the most attractive and dynamic animations.


3. File Explorer

File Explorer

In windows 11, as everything is updated, the File explorer also has a new look with some advanced features; there are also some beautiful context menus when someone clicks right in the respective file explorer. The official form the windows 11, preparing some documentation for the developers on how to do with this app.


4. Themes

Window 11 Themes

In this new version of windows, there are multiple themes available for both light and dark modes. As we have discussed previously in the introduction, it has four dynamic and stylish pieces to look the windows in your way.

All the new themes are designed to complement the centered taskbar to look more professional. You may also change the article by clicking right on the mouse, and you may personalize it.


5. Sounds

While talking about the sounding in windows 11, they are made quite relaxable, smooth, and light. For the first time, this technique has been introduced in Windows 11 that sounds are a bit different in light and dark mode.


Final Words

So, the above mentioned are some of the most essential and fundamental features when we talk about Windows 11, as the new technology getting developed day by day, along with this development, Microsoft windows also decided to launch Windows 11, which has too many advanced and best features, which every computer user will love.

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