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All You Need To Know About on youtube coding
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Users can publish, view, and share videos on YouTube, which is a website for sharing videos. Making a video or set of videos on YouTube to educate people on how to code is known as YouTube coding.

Because they offer a visual and interactive learning environment, YouTube coding channels are an excellent method to learn how to code.

What is YouTube Coding?

You can make and edit your own YouTube videos using the YouTube coding process. Any video editing program will work for this, but YouTube has its own, called YouTube Studio, that makes it simple to create and edit videos.

YouTube coding is a fantastic method to develop your ability to edit videos and produce content that is exclusive to you and your channel. Moreover, instructional films, how-to videos, and even vlogs can be made using YouTube coding.

You must start a new project in YouTube Studio before you can begin coding for YouTube. After that, you may begin including and altering your video material.

To your video, you can also add text, pictures, and other components. You can publish your edited video to YouTube once you’re done.

YouTube coding is a fantastic method to develop your ability to edit videos and produce content that is exclusive to you and your channel. Moreover, instructional films, how-to videos, and even vlogs can be made using YouTube coding.

How to Code on YouTube?

A well-liked resource for learning to code is YouTube. Several individuals use it to look for programming tutorials and watch videos. When using YouTube to learn how to code, there are a few things to bear in mind even though it can be a terrific resource.

Finding high-quality videos is crucial first. There are many subpar videos online, therefore it’s critical to identify ones that were produced by knowledgeable, seasoned engineers.

Second, attempt to follow along with the code in addition to just watching the videos. It’s crucial to type the code yourself so that you can understand how it functions.

Third, look for projects to work on after you’ve seen a few videos and written a little code. For finding coding projects, the internet is filled with many excellent resources.

Try to code the project yourself if you’ve found one that interests you. You’ll be better able to comprehend your lessons and grasp how they apply to the real world as a result of doing this.

And lastly, don’t be reluctant to seek assistance. There are many people ready to assist you if you need assistance with anything. Asking questions and seeking out advice from others is the best approach to learning.

So, YouTube might be a terrific resource if you’re trying to learn how to code. Just be careful you locate high-quality films, adhere to the code, and look for projects to work on. Don’t be hesitant to seek assistance if you ever find yourself in a bind.

YouTube coding channels

We’ve produced a list of our favorite YouTube coding channels out of the many available. These channels are ideal for novice or seasoned programmers seeking a fresh challenge.

1. The Coding Train

Daniel Shiffman, a professor at the Interactive Telecommunications School at New York University, founded the YouTube channel The Coding Train.

In a series of videos on the channel titled “Coding Challenges,” Shiffman programs a solution to a challenge in a certain programming language.

As they include a step-by-step breakdown of the code, these tasks are ideal for newcomers. Videos on a number of other subjects, including game development and machine learning, are also available on the channel.

2. FreeCodeCamp

A nonprofit company called FreeCodeCamp offers free coding training. Ali Spittel, the host of the “Learn to Code with Me” videos on the organization’s YouTube channel, instructs viewers on how to code.

These tutorials offer a moderate introduction to coding, making them ideal for beginners. Also, the channel has a collection of videos called “Coding Interviews” where Spittel speaks with programmers about their experiences.

3. CS Dojo

A Google software engineer named YK Sugi started the YouTube channel CS Dojo. Videos on many programming subjects, including data structures and algorithms, are available on the channel.

These videos are ideal for seasoned programmers seeking a fresh challenge. The channel also has a number of videos on various non-programming subjects, such time management and productivity.

4. CodeNewbie

For those learning to code, there is a podcast and online community called CodeNewbie. The podcast includes discussions of the experiences of programmers.

A collection of films titled “How I Learned to Code” is available on the CodeNewbie YouTube channel.


Can I learn coding on YouTube?

Absolutely, YouTube offers a wide variety of coding lectures, tutorials, and discussions that can aid both novice and seasoned developers in learning and enhancing their coding abilities.

Is YouTube coding free?

Yes, there are no fees or subscriptions required to access coding resources on YouTube.

What are some of the best YouTube channels for coding?

FreeCodeCamp, The Net Ninja, Traversy Media, and are a few of the top YouTube coding channels.


For programmers and developers, YouTube has grown to be an invaluable resource. It provides an ideal environment for learning and developing coding abilities thanks to its enormous selection of coding courses, lectures, and debates.

YouTube coding offers a free, convenient, and visual method of learning to code. YouTube is a great place to start if you’re interested in learning how to code.

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