Youtube Vs TikTok: Full Coverage On Dispute

Youtube Vs TikTok
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Youtube Vs TikTok: Nowadays, roasting is in the trend on YouTube. Many of the YouTuber make roasting videos to get popular and viral content on YouTube.


Is This The Right Thing, To Roast Anybody When You Are An Influencer?

I seriously want to ask you a question that – If you have millions of fans following, People believe in what you are saying and provide a message, Youth following you after that you are doing shit things? Is this right? Comment below your perceptions, what do you think about that.


A New War On The Internet Which Is – TikTok Vs Youtube

TikTok Vs Youtube

We have seen many posted videos from the last few years back, it is the trend of YouTube, people used to make roasted videos for gaining their subscribers and views.

Same incident we can see right now where CarryMinati’s roasted video on TikTokers goes Viral over YouTube. This video received a lot of support from their fans and is trending on YouTube. But in this case, CarryMinati’s popular video YouTube versus tick-tock was deleted by YouTube, which took the controversy to another level.

After deleting the CarryMinati’s video many other YouTubers comes in the support of CarryMinati and also in support for #BanTikTokIndia.

After this TikTok app rating is gonna be down right now TikTok app rating remains 1.3, Reduced to 4.3. And the same thing Happened with tick-tock light; its rating is only 1.1 rating left.


CarryMinati’s Reaction After This Controversy

After All these things happen when Carrie minute’s latest video uploaded where he proving himself, so what’s the video:

CarryMinati talks about all this that has happened and whatever he said to his previous video didn’t Harm anybody’s emotions and was meant in a humorous way without any such intention. In this video he thanked all his supporters and Fans.

In his support a very famous YouTuber Ashish Chanchalani wrote That don’t worry about this video you can gain all these in another video.

Reacton Of Ashish Chanchalani On Carry Minati’s Viral Vedio, Must watch:


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