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Zeugl Witcher
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Zeugl in Zeugl Witcher Game – It’s a monster are you can say that a ghost because no one has seen Zeugal’s. It is said that the Zeugls resides in sewers mainly. Due to residing in feeding sewage, also develops at an alarming speed. The monster is constantly hungry, therefore it reaches its tentacles for dwelling animals and attempts to push them to its massive maw full of a number of rows of the teeth.


Even the zeugl is paralyzingly dreadful, foul-smelling, and amazingly powerful for a person resembling a potato that is rotten, therefore it typically succeeds to devour its own opponent.



Geralt has been also hired to rid the sewers of this monster. Throughout his or her Yennefer’s remain in Aedd Gynvael. There’s also a strain of zeugl mutated by Rissberg mages known as parazeugl. Which subsequently isn’t in any way harmful and moisturizes the sewers.


Zeugl Witcher Game

Zeugl Witcher Game

In the match, the zeugl is among the boss creatures. Geralt should face this horrible monster from the Vizima sewers throughout the Epilogue, and this moment, the tentacles appear to get a brain of their own! Fortunately our hero isn’t made to handle the monster alone.

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How To Kill The Zeugl

If you are playing the Zeugl Witcher game, then first you see this vedio. How to kill the Zeugl?

While fighting with this monster your player – Geralt, will attack on the monster by his sword.

  • In first, the monster will attack on Geralt with his tails.
  • If your player escape from the attack of Zeugl’s tails, then your player should attack on her tail and cut it down.
  • After that the when you cut down 5-6 tails of Zeugl’s, Zeugl’s face will come outside.
  • Monster will triy to kill your player and eat it.
  • If you escape by his attack, and you attacks on his mouth or face.
  • Then, your chances to win.
  • Congrats!!! you can save your friend.

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