The Top 10 Most Expensive Leather Brands In 2021

Earlier in time, people used to hunt down animals and use their raw skin as royal apparels to cover themselves. Since then, leather is one of the most expensive yet elegant material to get your hands on.

Animal hide or skin are treated with chemicals which preserves them and later on, are produced into the form of clothing, furniture, footwear, handbags and sports equipment.

The leather products may vary with the material and animal skin being used, for instance, cowhide or horsehide are the skin of larger animals which is used to produce leather goods which are durable. Whereas, animal skins like calfskin, lambskin, kidskin are made of smaller animals’ skin.

Who doesn’t love to feel leather against their skin, and show off the luxurious wear of leather? Today, there are hundreds of brands which are indulged in the making of leather good, be it clothing or other essentials.

Check out Star Wars Jacket for an incredible collection of Michael Jackson Costume. We are here with a list of the top 10 most expensive leather brands that are about to take leather goods to an extreme level in 2020.The brands have expert craftsmanship and mechanism to produce the most aesthetic leather goods. Let’s go through the list:

Most Expensive Leather Brands

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1. Burberry

Burberry is one of the oldest yet the most expensive leather brands. Burberry has been dealing with leather since 1856 and has been gradually diverging their exposure to the leather industry.

From clothing for women and men, be it trench coats, scarves, jackets, dresses, trousers, skirts, hoodies or sweatshirt to women leather bags, men wallets and card cases, shoulder bags and backpacks – Burberry has every leather good that you can think of.

It is one of the top 10 most expensive leather brands which designs aesthetic designs for leather goods along with the most durable and reliable quality.


2. Gucci

You have certainly heard about this brand more than any other in your life. Gucci is undoubtedly one of the most reliable yet the most expensive leather brands. Gucci has revolutionized the fashion industry with aesthetic and unique designs of leather goods.

Jackets, sweatshirts, coats or pants – you can find and excessive range of leather good at Gucci. Wallets, watches, hats and gloves, there is not a single leather good that you can’t find at Gucci.



PRADA – the known leather brand is one of the most expensive brands of leather which is about to go upscale in 2020. PRADA has a massive collection of leather apparels, leather accessories and leather wallets.

The entire collection is available for men and women. Be it the classic leather bags or wallets, jackets or sweatshirts – PRADA has the most elegant designs and patterns which successfully mesmerizes the look of leather.


4. Versace

Since 1978, Versace has been known as the most reliable and expensive leather brands. In the upcoming year, 2020, Versace is determined to maintain their charm with the most durable and fashionable collection of leather goods.

Be it clothing, bags, footwear or accessories; you can find your desired leather item here at Versace.


5. Coach Inc.

Coach Inc. lies at the top of the list when it comes to the most expensive leather brands. Coach approaches its targeted audience with a modern vision and an acquisition of reimaging luxury.

Name any leather good, and Coach has it available for you to grab on. Ready to wear apparels, bags, wallets, shoes and accessories, all are available at Coach with premium quality and a satisfactory sigh.


6. Fendi

Fendi has been an emerging leather brand in the market since 1925. A luxurious collection of leather goods; whether it be clothing, bags, wallets or footwear, Fendi has a massive collection to outshine the astounding leather goods.

The emerging demand of leather, has made Fendi produce vibrant leather good, with accessorized looks and fur amendments. In 2020, you can expect a cherishing collection of leather goods by Fendi.


DIOR has been a trademark for leather goods since decades. It is one of the most expensive yet the most reliable platform which serves you with the best of leather goods. You name it, and DIOR has it for you. Be it leather bags or wallets, footwear or accessories or clothing – the leather goods at DIOR are reliable and durable. As the demand for leather goods in constantly increasing, DIOR is about to embark a vibrant collection of leather goods in 2020.



ARTIOLI initially started with the making of leather in 1912. The passion of dealing with leather goods is what ARTIOLI has always dreamt of.

Be it leather bags, wallets or footwear – you can find a wide range of leather goods here. This is one of the oldest and expensive leather brands.

As the emerging demand for leather is an uprising, ARTIOLI is about to continue with the tremendous collection of leather goods.


9. Dunhill

For men, Dunhill brings along a massive collection of leather goods with the most astounding and premium quality.

It is one of the most expensive brands of leather. From clothing to shoes, you can find every essential leather good for men. In 2020, Dunhill expects to emerge with the vibrant collection.



From clothing to accessories, you can find every leather good at SWAINE ADENEY BRIGG in the premium quality of leather. Along with the diverging demand of leather, this one of the most expensive brands is equalizing their collection of leather to a whole other level in 2020.


So, what are you waiting for? You can now reach up to the most expensive leather brands in 2020 to get the hands-on leather goods that will give you the most authentic yet elegant look to carry around.

Leather has been the sign of royalty since forever, let it cherish the elegance of royalty in 2020 with gorgeous designs and aesthetic looks. Be it clothing or accessories, footwear, or sports equipment – leather speaks for itself.

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